Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 18th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 18th January 2022: Kabir asks Amma requested that she tell on whose request she constrained superintendent to risk Kavya’s way of life as Pooja Sharma. Amma gets some information about, who is Kavya and who is Pooja Sharma. Kabir says her strained face uncovers she is apprehensive and how could she be connected with Jahnvi. Amma says he might be PK’s child, however he can’t inconvenience her, on the off chance that she settles on one decision, he will be in some hot water, so he ought to leave. Kabir leaves. Jahnvi takes PK to an old industrial facility in lieu of meeting fabric plant proprietors. PK asks where are they, is this ideal spot. Jahnvi says they might come any time. Amma calls her and illuminates that Kabir had come here and he knows entire truth. Jahnvi leaves quietly and locks entryway from outside and lets Amma know that she has effectively completed her undertaking.

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Kabir enters and play Amma voice and picks case amplifier he stow away in Amma’s home, requests to tell truth now. PK yells at Jahnvi to open entryway. Jahnvi tosses petroleum all around the spot and says she is Dr. Ashok Sharma’s girl Pooja Sharma, she will bite the dust like her father kicked the bucket. PK argues to save him. Jahnvi requests that he apologize her dadda. PK apologizes Ashok. Jahnvi says her dadda is no more and he needs to go up to apologize him. She consumes plant and PK argues to get him out.

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Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 18th January 2022: Amma tells Kabir entire truth how PK controlled Ashok’s designed medication and consumed him alive, and so forth Kabir stands shock and says he can’t completely accept that his father can do this. Amma says it is hard to process harsh truth. Kabir asks Amma where Jahnvi took PK. Jahnvi calls Amma and illuminates that she delivered her retribution and consumed her dadda’s guilty party alive. Kabir grabs telephone and hears her discussion, requests that Amma tell where Jahnvi took PK, he will kill Jahnvi. Amma uncovers spot. Jahnvi leaves in her vehicle taking PK’s marked reports. PK keeps yelling for help. Kabir comes to there and runs towards industrial facility yelling father I will save you. He breaks entryway and gets PK out and says let us go to specialist. PK yells he will render retribution from Jahnvi, she was the snake under their arms. Kabir requests that he stop as he probably is aware entire truth now, yet PK keeps hollering.

Precap: Jahnvi seeing her father’s photograph says she satisfied her guarantee and grabbed everything from PK. Amma says PK is as yet alive and knows it all. PK strolls to Jahnvi’s home.


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