Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 19th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 19th January 2022: Kabir stands up to PK that he asserted his companion Dr. Ashok Sharma wrongly for his transgressions and consumed him buzzing with his 2 girls. PK says this is completely false. Kabir inquires as to whether he truly considers him as his tune then, at that point, investigate his eyes and tell it is clearly false. PK yells he didn’t have some other go to save himself and his business, else Ashok would have killed him assuming he had realized that he altered his medication. He yells let him proceed to complete Jahnvi. Kabir stops him and says he will proceed to acknowledge his wrongdoing at present. Jahnvi breaks PK’s named house plate and fixes Ashok’s named plate. Ishani says rendered retribution from PK and did equity for their dad. Kabir takes PK to medical clinic where specialist nurture his wounds and says wound isn’t profound. PK yells it is exceptionally profound. Dhruv strolls in and asks what befell father. PK yells Jahnvi did this. Dhruv asks not to drag Jahnvi in this. Kabir consoles him and says let us return home and talk.

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Jahnvi fixes her fatgher’s photograph on divider and says she delivered her retribution. Amma enters and says appears as though PK is alive and clarifies how Kabir tracked down truth and saved PK. PK with family returns and is stunned to see their sacks outside. Dhruv asks Jahnvi what is this. Jahnvi yells she is Pooja Sharma. PK irately attempts to stroll towards her, however Kabir stops him. Jahnvi proceeds with that PK consumed her dadda bursting at the seams with his 2 girls and controlled his medication to bring in cash, they are generally delinquents who upheld PK, presently they all will be on street with PK.

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Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 19th January 2022: Dhruv strolls to Jahnvi and asks how might his Jahnvi do this. Jahnvi says he is correct, however she is Pooja Sharma; their marriage is phony as she had employed phony pandit and persuaded Dhruv for marriage in a sanctuary, they all acknowledged their phony marriage; she ought to have consumed them all alive like PK consumed her dadda alive. Kabir requests that she quiet down, he will get equity for her. PK responds, however Kabir again stops him and takes family towards vehicle. Jahnvi cautions assuming that they crazy, even vehicle has a place with her now.

Precap: Raghav inquires as to whether he will acknowledge his wrongdoing tomorrow.
PK says he will render retribution from Jahnvi first and contacts her home with weapon conveying weighty exchanges.

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