Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 5th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 5th January 2022: Dhurv track? Jhanvi and think ?for what reason would she say she is on such odd area??
Jhanvi and Manohar challenge each other by saying assuming Manohar get data of Jhanvi’s rationale, she will raise her arrangement to 1 crore??? what’s more request that he get treated..
Jhanvi strolls when somebody hold her shoulder, she is going to hit when see its Dhurv.. Dhurv questions her why she lied?? Why she lied with regards to her vehicle failer that day? Why she denied for going out?? What she doing here?? Imagine a scenario in which she get in issue.. He yells? finding solutions of his inquiries.. Jhanvi yells?? that she was securing Ishani.. She describe him counterfeit story? that some off-base individuals were extorting Ishaani and to take care of her and save Mittals name she took cash?? from PK by misleading him about predecessor property… Dhurv quiet her down and tell she would have told him and he trust her indiscriminately?, later all trust is base of good relationship and the two of them leave.. Jhanvi was puzzled ?and with weepy? eyes..

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Kabir thinks? what to do if vyom truth isn’t out its cheating to Country? furthermore assuming that reality is out it will over-indulge aarush’s life how will I respond?? Just than Kavya come and inquire:
1. Who was first VP of India??
2. Which planet? isn’t named after Greek god or goddess??

Kabir shut her mouth? with his hand and ask would she say she is checking is GK?? For what reason would she say she is posing such inquiries?? With music????…
Chanda passed by with welcoming her companion for her birthday? party, and insult both to go inside room, utilize some reasonableness…

Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 5th January 2022: Kabir inquire as to for what reason would she say she was posing those inquiries?? Kavya answer for aarush confirmation.. Kabir says than Aarush need to get ready!! Kavya say now a days even guardians need to give test before youngster, on the off chance that guardians fizzle, kid is fizzled.. Kabir says that thank god I was brought into the world previously, any other way I would lack affirmation, because of PK mittal self inner self.. Kavya gestures yes unfortunately?..

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Kabir says the extent that her inquiries, he offer responses:-
1. First Vice President:- Dr. Saravpalli Radhakrishnan
2. Our Earth? is just Planet who was not named after Greek god or goddess
He inquire as to whether she never considered in class as she look ill-equipped, and I use to be Class and college clincher!! Kavya grins? furthermore say clincher sir, do fill admissiom structure also… Kabir see Father segment clear and tell I will forever remain as Aarush dearest companion however father will be Vyom consistently.. Kavya grin? with weepy? eye.. Kabir think? how to tell Vyom truth to Kavya??

Dhurv assume Jhanvi to some position, for commending their meet commemoration and commendations her with getting minimal heartfelt with song???? (sorry didn’t get verses) and dance??… Jhanvi feel awakward… And embrace her.. Jhanvi don’t have the foggiest idea how to respond?…

Illusion On Starlife Wednesday 5th January 2022: Suman lay her head on Kabir lap and ask will she generally stay like this?? Won’t I ever get fine?? PK think? I’m frantic!!! Kavya come and say you will be fine soon, and keep food? for herself and say sorry for upsetting.. She is going to go, when suman stop her maxim, please sit and commends her for being great, and great DIL.. I generally acted impolite? what’s more furious?? with her, however she generally agreed with my stance, just she has accept that I will be fine one day.. Kavaya say she is fine.. Kabir feel relex with their discussion.. Suman says that till she don’t take that drugs?, she comprehend all and is well, however at whatever point I take it? I failed to remember what I am doing!! Kavya say please relex and do according to your desire, which is more significant..

Precap: PK ask Manohar how he got injured?.. Manohar see Jhanvi and say that pet feline ?hurted me, she stay great infront of family, however hurt while alone.. PK recommend to kill? that wild feline?.. Manohar and Jhanvi see one another…


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