I’m On The Edge Teasers August 2022

I’m On The Edge Teasers August 2022
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I’m On The Edge Teasers August 2022

I’m On The Edge Teasers August 2022

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 24

Maasa Sees Devi and Adhiraj Together. Urmi Plans To Kill Devi. She Later Learns That The Mouse Saved Devi’s Life, And Her Plan Backfires. Maasa Scolds Urmi After Learning About Her Plan. Bansuri Plots Against Devi.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 25

Bharat Meets With An Accident. Adhiraj Learns That The Shares In Devi’s Name Are Giving Him Huge Profits. Maasa Doesn’t Let Devi Enter Her House.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 26

Adhiraj Later Insults Devi. Maasa doesn’t believe Adhiraj should Fall In Love With Devi. She Makes Adhiraj Recall Their Difficult Times And Asks Him To Harm Devi. Devi Believes That Adhiraj Cannot Harm Her.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 27

Kesar Informs Devi That Adhiraj Has Given Her An Ointment To Apply To Her Wound, But Devi Refuses To Apply It. Urmi Ties Devi And Places A Burning Firecracker In Front Of Her Face. Adhiraj Learns That He Lost. Bharat And Ambika Learn About Devi’s Condition. Devi Decides To Fight Back.

Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 28

Maasa Later Learns That Adhiraj Had Sent Ointment For Devi. Adhiraj Asks Devi To Complete Her Puja Before He Leaves For Office.

Saturday 6 August 2022

Episode 29

Maasa Brainwashes Adhiraj. Devi Goes To Adhiraj’s Office To Give Him His Documents And Sees An Ointment There.

Sunday 7 August 2022

Episode 30

Devi Learns That Adhiraj Is Hurt And Makes A Plan To See His Wound. Devi Speaks To Adhiraj’s Foreign Client In English. She Makes A Plan To See His Wound. She Puts A Phone In A Shampoo Bottle To Record Him Having A Bath.

Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 31

Subsequent to Learning About His Loss, Adhiraj Assumes That Devi Is Not Lucky For Him. Not entirely settled To Attend The Party. Bansuri And Urmi Later Stop Her From Attending The Party.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 32

Devi Manipulates Adhiraj To Take Her To The Party With Him, And She Handcuffs Him. They Share A Romantic Moment. Maasa Is Shocked To See Adhiraj And Devi Holding Hands. Maasa Doesn’t Want Adhiraj To Crack The Deal. Urmi Spikes Devi’s Drink. Adhiraj Dances With Devi To Impress His Clients.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 33

Devi Tells Adhiraj That Shekhar Is The Traitor But Is Unable To Prove It. A Priest Asks Adhiraj To Keep Devi Near Him For Four Days. Shekhar Later Bribes An Electrician To Do His Work.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 34

Maasa Taunts Adhiraj. He Later Falls Off The Stairs. Sharad Questions Adhiraj About Purchasing Shares In Devi’s Name, And He Makes Him Realize His Mistakes. Maasa Sees Adhiraj’s Wound On His Back.

Friday 12 August 2022

Episode 35

Urmi Learns That Maasa Has Planned An Attack On Adhiraj. Maasa Beats Her Accomplice For Not Following Her Orders, And Kesar Learns Her Truth. Devi Confronts Maasa About Her Actions. Kesar Later Tells Devi That She Loves Adhiraj.


I’m On The Edge Zee World Full Story

Devi a youthful vagrant is sustained by her more distant family, in the city. She passes on from the city to settle down at her old neighborhood. On getting to her town, she meets a well off person known as Adhiraj Rajawat. Their most memorable experience prompts Devi smacking him on the face. Adhiraj is infuriated by this yet he conceals his feelings and disturbance. He then weds Devi powerfully to abuse her. After their wedding, she gets no adoration or warmth from Adhiraj so she battles to prevail upon him. Her endeavors takes care of when he starts to show her adoration. In any case, Devi bliss is fleeting when her mother by marriage, Maasa remembering her bereaved sister for regulation, Kesar scorn her and plot to isolate her from Adhiraj. An immense struggle emerge among Devi and Adhiraj which prompts him giving her a separation. Maasa then, at that point, chooses to get Kesar hitched to Adhiraj. On the big day, Devi sits as the lady and remarries her better half. This maddens Kesar as well as Maasa. Devi get pregnant and Maasa ruthlessly kills Adhiraj. Afterward, it is seen that Maasa isn’t the genuine mother to Adhiraj and she just needs his abundance for herself. Following not many months, Devi conveys a child young lady yet Maasa attempts to kill the kid by losing her a bluff.

. The sequential then requires a 20 years jump zeroing in on Devika, (Adhiraj and Devi girl). Devika is fortunately alive and she is an accurate carbon copy of her mom. In Adhiraj’s composed will, it is expressed that his youngster should be hitched for as long as a half year prior to getting the properties. Maasa understands this and advises Devika to behave like Devi in order to get hold of the properties. Obscure to her, Devika is really Adhiraj’s just girl. Maasa goes as far by bringing an entertainer named Varun to act like an illustrious ruler and wed Devika. Devika looks into Varun’s actual expectations and break all relations with him. She meets another person yet he doesn’t adore her genuinely and just needs her body. Varun sees this and wed Devika to prevent her from falling into some unacceptable hands. Gradually by leisurely, Devika and Varun develop nearer and experience passionate feelings for.

Be that as it may, another circle of drama structures up as Kesar’s girl, Dhaani needs Varun for herself. Kesar who had lost Adhiraj to Devi doesn’t maintain that set of experiences should rehash the same thing so she designs a mishap for Varun. Varun gets seriously harmed and looses his psychological security. Another section named Daksh who is a clinical specialist succumbs to Devika and needs to wed her. He purchases the Rajawat house and hammers out an agreement with Devika to wed him. Left with no choice, Devika moves to his tunes just to get Varun ordinary. Varun gets ordinary however sadly, looses his memory. Dhaani chooses to create utilization of this open door to draw nearer to him while not entirely settled to cause him to remember everything. The fact that Devi is alive makes it moreover uncovered.

Yet again in the long run, Varun and Devils join together. Dhaani gets rebuffed by the law for her malevolent deeds. Devi gets back and Maasa argues for absolution. Devi excuses her and solicitations her to take off from the house. The story then, at that point, closes joyfully.


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