Insolent Heart December 2021 Teaser Starlife

Insolent Heart December 2021 Teaser Starlife
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Insolent Heart December 2021 Teaser Starlife

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Episode 11

Meher find card ‘thank you’ on his office desk. Nisar heard satish criticize about his talent to Meher. Meher know that Rati keep the card on his desk. He learned about the feelings Rati for Nisar. Satish tell Meher about giving slots Show Abeer to a new artist.

Episode 12.

Abulu make Satish realizes that his new artist is a plagiaris. He gave Nisar chance to sing. Satish impressed by Nisar. Nisar thanks Aarti for praising him. Abulu told Meher Nisar that he helped to restore his help.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Episode 13.

Abulu tell his story to his audience. She shared how Kuber Malhotra, his father, had met Meher, the peak of the college and how he then insulted neglect in front of him. Abulu Mirher remember how she got drunk at a college party.

Episode 14.

Meher entered the recording room to stop neglecting to share their secrets. Abeer continues with the story. Going without other alternatives, Meher oversee the show. Devaki prevent Tunnu watch Show Abeer.

Friday December 3 2021

Episode 15.

Abeer panic because it’s morning and Meher still in his dorm room. Meher woke up and was surprised to find himself in the room Neer and Nisar. The headmaster find Meher in the boy’s hostel. Meher not expose neglect before VC. Sasha asked regardless of whether he still felt Meher.

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Episode 16.

Abuer achieve Meher motor homes and created a scene there. Kuber criticized abeer and her TV show. Meher, Tarun, and their mother take care of her after she passed out. The next day, abeer forget that he was home Meher!

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Episode 17.

Bua Meher, Devki very angry to see the neglect in their homes. He asked Meher about him. Fellow Meher Nisar congratulated on the launch of his new show. Mrs. Aber met Meher and neglect in their offices. Abeer Meher warned about imposing his mother.

Episode 18.

Abulu mother, Madhavi, sharing his grief with Meher. Meher feel a bond that can not be solved by ignoring. Madhvi call Suman and expressed concern about Meher and neglect. Nisar party celebrating the launch of the music. Abeer Chalks out a strategy against Meher.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Episode 19.

Abeer Meher to Game Dart Challenge. Meher accept it. Meanwhile, Nisar learn from Rati about rumors about Meher and Abulu. He told Abulu, who did not seem interested. Then, ignoring the beat Meher in the game and dance with him as a gift.

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Episode 20.

Aber find his name tattooed on Meher. Nisar trying to make the waiver realized his mistake. Meher damaged given the relationship. Rati tell Meher about Nisar and accompanying argument. Madhavi question obscures saw bruises on his face and asked him to honor Meher.

Monday December 6 2021

Episode 21.

Satish asked his staff about alterkasi between Nisar and neglect. They lied to staff their companies. Abulu not leave a chance to tease Meher. He warned that he agreed to go to a party with him. Hits Meher ignore a match. Nisar reprimand abre to Meher Meher annoying.

Episode 22.

Madhavi receive a dress disregard for Meher. Meher decided to tell everyone about his secret before mengabe. Satish visit Meher with his wife and asked her to go with them for dinner. Meher realize that Satish had taken her to the event you’d brought.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 23.

Meher certainly accompanies ignore the event. Abulu asked him to come up on stage and handed on music awards. Later, she sang on request. Meher storm exasperated

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