Insolent Heart Friday 10th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Friday 10th December 2021: The episode begins with, ignoring Mehar’s call and asking him not to influence his mother because he was not interested in making him again, Mehar cut the call, said Madhvi, sorry you must be busy, Ma yesterday ignored where I was drunk and he wasn’t on any way , Mehar holds Madhvis’s hand and says I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt you just carried away and I tell you this so that you are worried and say Mehar I need to talk to you about the contract and document that is missing, and so it fills up your personal details and documents Like your marriage status and all, so what is your marriage status, Mehar says I was single, Madhar said at Mehar, Mehar said I was actually divorced and let’s talk about lunch, Madhu said OK and left, Madhvi said I would take leave too , Mehar said why so fast, Madhvi said don’t worry me a You see you again, Mehar says let me tell Abulu, Madhvi says no, he must be busy, you are careful and remember divorce does not mean having to influence our relationship and leaves. Mehar saw ignoring and called him, ignoring his headphones and ignoring Mehar, Mehar said Abeer MA left and then realized all staring at him, Mehar said I mean, I will, blur it, and ignore it, all staring at Abeer and Mehar, a beautiful smile staring at them, Mehar. -See and get up and leave.

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Insolent Heart Friday 10th December 2021: Abeer went to the Mehars cabin and said the boss what looked like you were angry after yesterday but the baby was not in the office, Mehar said it was quite annoying thinking before you talked, blurred me talking through his heart and smiling, look around all this and said the Rati you saw Abeer and Mehar, Rati said I was busy Mam, Lovely said how boring, calling the call Rati and said calls to Mehar, listening to all the talks, raising the boss Pinapple , Mehar said the Rati was another time asking me before you transferred me. What text happens. Sani exercised, read beautiful messages.
Sani asked Jawahar. Mrs. Aberers came here, Jwahar said he did and he was with Mehar Mam and it was also in the Cabin Sirs, Sani forward MSG to Nishi, Nishi said how nice he would see something cooking between Mehar and Abeer.

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Insolent Heart Friday 10th December 2021: Suman and Madhvi in ​​Phn, Susan said sorry I could not tell Abt Abt in my house last night, Mehars Aunt came and said Bhabhi was abee, said Suman yes, he asked who you didn’t know, he left, said Susan Madhvi Ji, I am very happy that Abeer is at home, Madhvi says you know what I ordered and met Mehar. Do you know that Mehar hasn’t prepared his relationship status, Susan said oh u shd told me even I would come to the office, Madhvi said goodbye now but I hope they regroup, Susan says me too, everything will be fine. At the Precient Party, Abuer asked Nesar, didn’t you call brother-in-law, Nesar said I stopped pulling my legs, Mehar entered the party looked very beautiful, staring at him and smiling, beautiful, we would have fun, we will have fun playing an interesting game, so who will be here in advance how in Sani Sir and Nishi Mam, Nishi said I didn’t want to play, Sani said Cmon Mari played, beautifully said you were both aiming for the target and when you missed it had to drink a glass of beer, Nishi turned my attention Sani sir, so he had to drink beer, Nishi aimed target.
Rati Happy Nesar, he looks very beautiful too, the Nesar sees Rati and says thank you and you look very beautiful and his name is, Rati says His constellations, Sorry Sorry I always miss and look beautiful too and have fun and thank you for coming , Losing Sani for Nishi, Abeer said to himself, Sani Sir U loses but the game I will do to win.

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