Insolent Heart On Starlife Tuesday 4th January 2022

Insolent Heart On Starlife Tuesday 4th January 2022:The episode starts with, abeer asks nisar to leave mehar home, nisar goes to his space to get wallet n calls kuber, kuber says awesome and don’t u concern u will be settled completely for all the assistance. Kuber tells taiji that abeer tossed mehar out of house, taiji says generally excellent n presently do one thing sort out party for mehar n welcome her, n when abeer will see that mehar picked ur party over his he will break, kuber says u are exceptionally risky, n its time for festivity, taiji says OK make a beverage for me too I mean a virus drink.

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Madhvi goes to abeers space to wish mehar n says mehar see I got a present for u, mehar emerges from washroom, madhvi sees her n inquires as to for what reason are u crying, mehar says abeer isn’t as yet home n I won’t descend until he comes I know father n taiji hosts coordinated get-together for me yet I cant go without abeer, madhvi says I realize he will come without a doubt, mehar says I attempted to call him yet, madhvi says no sufficient quit crying n go prepare I know abeer will come.taiji conceals n listens madhvi n mehars talk.

Madhvi goes to abeer to persuade him, taiji goes to kuber n says do something madhvi has gone to abeer to persuade him,kuber says inept madhvi will ruin all our hardwork, madhvi says abeer what is this only one misconception n u acting like this, will be this ur love, see each relationship has a few issues however we need to battle through this difficult circumstance, for me atleast return home.

Insolent Heart On Starlife Tuesday 4th January 2022:Mehar gets dressed n goes downstairs,taiji sees her n says u are looking so lovely accompany me, kuber says cheerful birthday mehar, mehar takes his gifts, kuber says I am sorry mehar see abeer isn’t here on ur exceptional day, taiji says even I didn’t this way, yet that is his tendency don’t u concern, he is dependably this way irate n doesn’t mind abt others u know,mehar sitting tight for abeer to come, madhvi comes in.

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Madhvi steps in house n abeer follows her, kuber n taiji get frustrated, madhvi grins, mehar grins as well, abeer strolls to mehar, kuber expresses what is this abeer ur wifes bday n u aren’t home, abeer says father I think somebody is attempting to make false impressions between us, madhvi says enough abeer, cmon mehar lets cut the cake, kuber says madhvi is correct come mehar, mehar cuts the cake, abeer makes a beverage for himself, mehar abt to give abeer cake, taiji takes it from her hand and kuber says mehar here is a present for u, cmon open it, mehar opens the gift,and sees a name plate perusing mehar malhotra promoting head, mehar gets extremely glad.
Abeer says congrats mehar, mehar says abeer, abeer says shush, a toast for my significant other, my clincher spouse, perceive how much my father loves ur work, n now u are an administrator alongside little girl in law with 2 lakh compensation, my better half acquires 2 lakhs n so she is my fathers top pick, she deals with my fathers dream so all things considered, abeer continues to drink, mehar attempts to stop him, abeer says mehar I am so upset for u, u wedded me, I mean how is it that u could commit such large error, a shrewd young lady wedded to a person like me why, yet child u realize u were correct we shdnt have hitched bcoz all u consideration is of cash n obligations, kuber says abeer enough, abeer says mehar next thing what u will do is make me ur manikin, mehar begins crying, kuber says mehar quit crying abeer stop, abeer says I was so cheerful for what reason did I wed u, u made a blockhead of me,mehar runs higher up to her room, madhvi says abeer for what reason are u doing this she is ur wife, for what reason doing this, go say sorry to her, abeer says me n sorry no never, I cannot bear her, I feel choking around her, great evening, taiji says abeer stay here this is ur house, u come stay in my room however u won’t leave, abeer says thanku and goes to taijis room, madhvi goes behind him.
Taiji says see I told u kuber, our arrangement functioned admirably, mehar goes to her room n begins crying reasoning abt abeers words.

Insolent Heart On Starlife Tuesday 4th January 2022:Following day, kuber having tea, mehar goes to him n says daddy please attempt get me, the chance u gave me is exceptionally enormous yet I have nothing greater than abeer n I believe now its time for me to be with abeer, I am sorry dad, kuber says mehar its abeers propensity to respond this way however u cannot leave this work, mehar says daddy I cannot see abeer in a tough situation bcoz of me,abeer behind mehar paying attention to discussion, mehar says its our new beginning n its time for abeer n not work n I cannot see abeer disappearing from me, kuber says abeer doesnt have values for cash n work, its a significant choice don’t take in hustle, abeer is jobless n u are working n so its hard for him to get past it, his self image is harmed u see.

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