Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021 : The episode begins with, Mehar aims at the target, he aims to be true, the loss of Sani, Sani said well Mehar u wins and nights now it’s your turn, Nesar said Mr., all began to cheer Nisar, Nisar and Mehar Compete, Loss of Prosecuted, Sani said Mehar You don’t allow anyone to win, is anyone there who can defeat the boss, yes my lion my friend ignores, wow beautiful words so interesting, said Abeer enough, Mehar sir, Abeer said he was afraid of Sani sir, Sani said he wouldn’t Competing with Abeer, Mehar said Sir was quite TLG, Abeer said loss and then drinking beer, Mehar was not the one who gave so Engeal prepared to lose, all entertaining Mehar.

Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021

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Abeer said my first opportunity, Mehar said there was nothing mine, beautiful relaxed words let us throw but in an interesting way, you had to look and the person who winked lost, Abeer said I didn’t mind and Mehar started the game and both looked into each eye -Masing, and all cheering for them. Nesar asked the waiter to take care of everyone, he saw Rati fighting with a chair and going to him and helped him, Nisor said I was sorry I didn’t win and you know I always dreamed of my performance, forget all that will go party, Rati said no, I’m not good Alright if I go with you all gossip. They want something to happen between them.

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Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021 : Nisor summoned ignoring, but ignored it, so the Nesore shook him, beautiful words became Abeer losing, Abeer said Nesar, Nesar said I needed u bro, the Nesar said the Abeer office gossiped between you and Mehar, Abeer Smile, Nisar said it was not funny, Blurring it is interesting, Nesar says no one knows ABT past I mean, said people thinking Mehar loses me right, Nisor says all this, he is a girl, I just care about my friend, don’t make it uncomfortable you understand, Blurs the word cold and leave.Game between Abeer and Mehar began, Abeer said whether you forget the CLG days, Mehar targeted the bulls, all praised Mehar, Mehar said blurring the time passed away, raising him, but overriding a glass of bear drink and ignoring it, Wissfers in the ears of this Mehars for My ex-wife,

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Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021 : Sani said ignoring something, leaving Sir if I lost the bear but what if I won, I would give you, leaving a dance with my boss, Mehar saw him angry, Abeer said this only if you lost but you never, Sani said Ya Meharji Cmon, Mehar said ok agreed, ignoring and Mehar started the game again, he pointed Mehar Mears, Abeer said you looked scared or it looked something, whose mehar ignoring it, sobbing said if you lose you know, Mehar missed him, Mehar missed him, Leaving a smile, Nishi said there was no worries of another baby kal I, Mehar took a glass of a bear, obscured that I didn’t need to worry, he said he couldn’t, Mehar drank the whole glass in anger, ignoring aiming at Bulls Next too, Mehars turned to obscure it, he was Misse, blurring continued to win and disturb Mehar during his turn, and Mehar must drink bear glasses.
Abeer won the game, Abeer said this time it was my turn to turn heroes, ignoring and Mehar began to dance, blurred him pushing him pushing him, spewing him up and leaving him, Mehar said I had danced dancing.

Precap: Abeer Dance with Mehar, and pulled him and his dress cried from behind and blurred seeing his name tattoo.


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