Insolent Heart Starlife Full Story ,Summary ,Cast And Teasers

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Starlife Full Story ,Summary Cast And Teasers

Full Story:The Insolent Heart is a story about Abeer Malhotra, Rockstar who is successful and charming, like Meher Purohit. In college, Abeer was interested in girls who were direct, intelligent and interesting, keher and they married at an early age and then divorced. Eight years later, Meher returned his life as a director for the channel he was singing. Abeer decided to share their love story in the first season.

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The story center about Abeer Malhotra, a success star who was successful and interesting, and Meher Purohit. While at the time of college neglect interested in a simple, intelligent and beautiful girl named Meher who they later married in the early twenties and divorced. After eight years, Meher returned in his life as the chief executive for the channel he was singing. Abeer was determined to share their love story in the early season.

Their hostility began to be destroyed because he ignored having to stay at Meher’s house to protect himself from a group of gangsters. But after Meher was injured, Abeer was scared and sat by his side to take care of him for 2 weeks because he was unconscious. There are also instant moments of flashbacks to their past where they are revealed that they broke up. Meher is a woman who works who wants to help support her mother and her aunt financially. However, Abeer’s self-esteem was injured because he believed that he did not have respect he got because he did not get at that time, and that they worked side by side with Father and Aunt Abeer caused the flame Auntieher was one of the witnesses to crime done by Abeer Uncle. He was imprisoned, so they planned to Dest.

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Suyyash Rai Acted As  Nissar Malik :Abeer and Meher ‘s friend
Payal Nair Acted As ==> Devki Purohit:Meher ‘s Aunt
Charusheela Vachhani Acted As ==> Abeer’s Taiji
Ayub Khan Acted As ==> Kuber Malhotra :Abeer ‘s father
Anjali Mukhi Acted As ==> Mrs. Madhavi Kuber Malhotra:Abeer ‘s mother
Nivedita Saraf Acted As ==> Suman Purohit:Meher mother
Roshni Sahota Acted As ==> Rati
Vindhya Tiwari Acted As ==> Sasha : Meher ,Nissar and Abeer friend
Krish Chauhan Acted As ==> Ishaan Malhotra:Meher and Abeer son
Shivamm Sengar Acted As ==> Tarun Purohit (tunnu) :Meher Brother
Abhishek Sharma Acted As ==> Kenny
Amit Dhawan
Indresh Malik Acted As ==> Satish Sahni (sattu sir): Meher and Abeer ‘s boss
Ashlesha Sawant Acted As ==> Nishi Satish Sahni
Rahul Kumar Acted As ==> Tillu
Parul Chaudhary Acted As ==> Lovelyn
Santoshh Kumar Acted As ==> Madhusudhan
Dibyendu Bhattacharya Acted As ==> Pinky Bhai: a don in season 2
Arjun Singh Acted As ==> Akshat : Meher best friend




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