Insolent Heart Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Sunday 5th December 2021:The episode begins with, Sani Sir told the abuses and prosecutors. College Days, Malhotra, Aberers Father was welcomed for a function in Abeers College, he spoke to the students there, and said I am from this college too and has achieved many things in my life thanks to this college, his father insults Waliya said he was My old friend and always waiting for me to donate money and smile and say the business of children is very complicated, he started his speech and ignored imitating and said to God I had heard this for years, his father said 94% was broken after 24 years by a student among you and this student is Mehar Purohit who solved the results of my entry test and abeers father congratulated Mehar and asked him to be on stage and gave him the card and said people were waiting for this card and since then You broke my record of URS and Kuber Malhotras one call was Urs making the best use.

Abeer told the Nesar that I had it without learning, this number I could give it why learn so much and laugh. Abeers Dad said mehar I hope to see you sparkle unlike other children who waste money and see Abeer.
Truste invited Kuber to the party, I said I had my child in this CLG he would be present to behave me and ignore came here, and called Mehar too and said he was staring at him, he scored 97% without any luxury and you with all the luxury u No scoring, having shame and Mehar gave him the tuition fee in your spare time maybe he passed and I will leave now. Do see Mehar in anger.

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Insolent Heart Sunday 5th December 2021: ABEER in front of the Nisore made fun of Mehar, Nisar and Abeer Drinking, Nesar said Chill Bro, Abeer said how I could my father be evil, he insulted me in front of the whole CLG, Nisar said every father was not at all you’re not worried, see the history, no Father did, at the party I would mix alcohol in his cold drink and then I would see it and Miss Mehar was aware.

In the party everyone had fun, Sasha danced on the song Kia RE crazy, blurring look at the prosecrio and ask him whether he brought a bottle, the emperor showed him, obscured his hiding, Nisor said that I did not make mistakes to make the same things, Sasha saw The bottle and asking what it was, blurring his help, Sasha said oh alcohol gave me, I would have it, raising the patience girl going to dance, leaving waiting for Mehar.

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Insolent Heart Sunday 5th December 2021: Mehar at his friend’s hostel asked him why he wasn’t ready, Mehar said Sneha I never partyed. I like learning and because everything fell silent here, Sneha asked her. Blurring a mixture of alcohol and cold drinks in a glass, Mehar and Sneha entered the party, Nisar showed that Mehar had come, Sneha said God, no one asked the dance and who wanted you to dance, Mehar said please, I was only here to give you company, blurring comes and says meh I think you’re not coming but my heart says you will come and see you here Gals will you have something, Sneha is so sweet, I’m fine, I said I’m what you are forget about fighting and After my father made me realize I really thought I could learn a lot from you the drink, he didn’t accept, and blurred the words Sneha told your friend, Sneha said Mehar Cmon he was so sweet to take it, Mehar took a glass.
Mehar drank it, he felt bad, Nesar came and asked Sneha to dance, Sneha left with the emergence. On the dancing floor of Sasha and Sneha began to dance,

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