Insolent Heart Tuesday 7th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Tuesday 7th December 2021: The episode began with, in college, blurred and looked up and saw it and woke up and to wake up and said it was 8, Nisor said what to do, ignoring peeps out and saw many boys in the corridor, Abeer said we would manage Don ‘T worried, Mehar woke up and saw the profit and ignored in front of him and asked what you did in my room, Abeer said Madam you were in my room since yesterday, Mehar said that drinking it, you gave me what you were doing mixed in it and me Will not leave you, I will complain and come out, everyone sees mehar in a shirt, the Chancellor asks what he is doing here and asks him to get ready and come to the Chancellor’s office. Sneha said Mehar don’t worry I see thinking you drink telling the truth. The class will call you later, he said OK rest.

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Sneha said sorry this is all bcz from me, Mehar walked to the Chancellor’s office, blurred and the profit outside the office, Mehar looked at them, ignoring it and the prosecution ignoring it, Nisar said what would happen now, the Chancellor did what you did a hostel boy , Mehar said yesterday someone I mean the best students and now alcohol, said the chancellor let’s estate, Mehar said that I worked hard to come here, this was the last mistake please give me a chance, he said ok you have to tell me the names Boys who get ORELSE UR alcohol scholarships will be canceled, Mehar says I don’t know who brings alcohol, Mr. asks who gave you a drink, Mehar said Mr. I don’t remember who gave him, please give me a chance to PLZ Sir, Sir said Since you are bright students, we give the opportunity ua and this shdnt repeatedly, Mehar goes S. peon from the cabin giving know ignoring that Mehar doesn’t take his name, ignoring goes to Mehar and asks why you do this why you don’t take my name, Mehar says bcoz I don’t have a rich father, he will save you, but what I don’t have me and if this news reaches My house, my mother and aunt will lose confidence in me, so please leave me alone doing whatever you want but don’t trouble me.

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Insolent Heart Tuesday 7th December 2021: Abeer in the show, so the girl is a double standard instead of saying thank you, she delivered the film dialogue and went to make heroes feel guilty, hero who let her sleep in her bed and and gave her shirt, tells Sani how interesting, how interesting, how interesting Just hoping that it killed his hatred, Sani said the hatred turned into love and this story would also have it, Nishi came and asked what was the turn, beautiful leaves, Sani looked at the turn to change everything, Nishi said how dare you think about beautiful , Sani said Nishi I thought Abt Abte and Mehars hatred, and I love you, Sani said Abeer and Mehar were friends CLG and after he joined what happened, so this signed something suspicious.

Insolent Heart Tuesday 7th December 2021: Abeer and Sasha together, Sasha said Mehar was indeed important to you, Abeer said he didn’t, Sasha said oh, see yourself, what did you have done on yourself, try him coming to my channel and trying to open it so I paid it, Sashsa said ignoring not lying, Abeer said I had moved and he was nothing for me, Sasha said then how do you remember every detail of your story and you don’t lie to me but yourself think of Abt and Sasha away, Abeer angry and drink alcohol and drink alcohol Say Mehar Purohit I don’t love you. I have moved.
Mehars Mem tried to do something on a laptop, he said Tunno saw this laptop hanger, Tunno said that my mother would be hanged, Mehar said Tunno left this cellphone and studying, Tunno said I didn’t want to ignore Jiju and not, Mehar and Tunno fighting on it, Mehar

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