Insolent Heart Wednesday 8th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Wednesday 8th December 2021: The episode began with, Mehar went to ignore, blurred said Wow was fast, I did not know you were so dying to meet me, Mehar said ignoring what you did here, greeting you trying to bring everyone from me, Nisar Sasha and now my peace, Mehar said Abeer came out, blur the first answer me how you did it, why did you come to my channel, Mehar said I would answer but tomorrow, Abeer No now say now, Mehar pushes him in the elevator and says you leave now, Abeer doesn’t go and say mehar You shd leave my hand and please leave my life, TLG, Mehar said you got drunk now, blurred mehar and said close to him, and said I had forgotten you and moved, believe me, you and I was over, Mehar said enough to lower your voice and leave , ABEER I screamed I had moved and fell on Mehar.

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Kuber said to reduce the mother. I hope I can bribe to give me your life next time, he ignored it and put it on TV and saw his appearance, he tried to change, said Kuber let it and said this was our son channel, obscuring the story, they heard it, said Kuber. So he tells his love story on the show so this is what remains, he said if you feel very bad, he also talks to him, he also you always mocked him and did nothing, Kuber said Madhvi I tried back, I told him to join business family but you took him to the music school and blurs his life now and his BCOZ, Madhvi said he was doing his own talent, he had reached a height of his own talent, the world loved him, but you only criticized it, said Kuber, you did one thing, Keep doing what’s good, Madhvi says you go to room I will get your tablet.

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Insolent Heart Wednesday 8th December 2021: Mehars Mom saw that Abeer was drunk, he said Mehar, let’s take him to disturbed neighbors, Suman asked Mehar, what was wrong with him, Mehar said he was drunk and as usual a big problem, Tunno said, Susan said slowly if he woke up , Mehar said Tunno Don’t call him Jiju, Mehars Aunt came and Mehar Tunno and blurs the hide behind the curtains, Mehars Auntie asks Suman What is noise, why you don’t sleep, why you don’t sleep, Mehars Aunt said just a headache night and leaves, Mehar said I would pass it, Tunno said he was my Jiju, Susan said let him look at him, God knew even if he wanted it, Mehar and I called Mummyji I mean abeers mom, Susan said I would talk you didn’t, he said Mehar looked like he had Changed and since the last 8 years I didn’t talk to him and he wasn’t here, Tunno said it wasn’t my room, but I said A can be with a condition, you have to allow me to work with him, Mehar says you leave, I will handle my problem, the number of Mehar said to your room, he is an husband, Mehar says Mom is quite like you won’t happen, Suman Saying see if he lives here you will see it so take him to your room, Mehar takes it to ignore him to his room.

Insolent Heart Wednesday 8th December 2021: Mehar said Abeer You could not return in my life, blurring in sleep talk I had forgotten you, Mehar saw his legs and said ignoring the shoes on your bed still and memorizing the old incident where he saw with shoes on the couch and asked him to take it, Abeer woke up and said Wow you look very beautiful and hug him and say I love you, Mehar smiles. Blurs in the bed says I have forgotten you and Mehar sitting and crying seeing all this, obscure mehar why you come to my life, I have no feeling for you, back don’t come again say someone closes curtains, curtains near Pinto, where all at least carrying tea, blurs to the bathroom and says God’s head hurts he takes a toothbrush, and starts brushing his teeth, While entering and greeting my teeth brush, Abeer said what you did in my house, Mehar splashed water on his face and said this was My house, Abeer said oh crap what I did in your home, did you not know how you came, UC stupid

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