Investment Opportunities In Nigeria With Highest Returns

The Difference Between Savings And Investment
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Investment opportunities in Nigeria with the highest returns.

Starting an investment s in Nigeria is very complicated due to the irregularities in the system. This is because there is no stability in the economy.

Many individuals have nurtured a lot of investment plans in the mind they carry for a long time. Like a pregnant woman who is ready to be born for their nation.

You can decide to settle down in the country and establish your business plan instead of going to waste a valuable investment plan in another man’s land, though it is no wrong to do so because you have the right to invest in any country of your choice but the said charity begins at home.

Nigeria a as a country have a lot of lucrative investment opportunity with very high profiting returns.
Investment of opportunities in Nigeria with the highest returns.

Oil and Gas:

Nigeria is an oil-producing country, Nigeria economy literally depends on the oil and gas sector both for foreign and local investors can key in into the sector because it is very lucrative and produces very high returns because Nigeria is one of the largest oil-producing countries.
Investors who wish to invest in the oil and gas sector has can engage in the above:


Pipe line investment,

Well, investment service,

Petroleum transportation,

Development of local equipment for oil refining enhancement, importation, and operations such as

Valve pumps, shallow drilling, drilling mud, bits fittings,
Domestic sale of refined oil products such as kerosene, gas, engine oil, liquor.
Refining business for a country.
Industrial production of chemical solvents.

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Nigeria is an overpopulated country that has the estimation of about 200 million people but suffers the problem of food in some years far back it was recorded that 40% of people in Nigerian dies of hunger and starvation although the country is blessed with land good for cultivation of crops that feed the entire country.

But because the country has focused mostly on the oil gas sector to boost the economy.
Little or no attention is giving to agriculture in Nigeria not knowing that the sector is the major food production of the country that life sustenance depends on.
Agriculture has a lot of investment opportunities with high returns such as:
If you want to invest in agriculture you’ve got a lot of things you can venture into because the sector is vast this include:

Crop farming:

An investor who wants to invest in agriculture might decide to become a crop farmer.
This involves that he cultivates cash crops for food production and commercial distribution in the market.

He can plant crops such as palm, cassava, plantain, rubber, coco, yam, tomatoes, beans, etc. these are all lucrative products in the market he might decide to invest his money to farm one of the listed crops commercially (in a big quantity) and it in will bring so many returns for the farmer from his sales and supplies.

Animal rearing:

An investor might invest his money into the keeping of animals such as pigs, goats, fish, cows, sheep, rabbits, Birds,(poultry), etc these are animals with great economic value and importance they add to the wealth of the nation.
Their products are highly demanded in the market the makes good investment opportunities and produces high returns for the investors.

Agricultural processing:
An investor might decide to invest his money into the processing unit of the agriculture produce.
Which include?
Palm oil processing,
Cassava processing etc,

*Real estate investment:

One of the most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria is due to the booming population and the rapid migration of people into major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt.
The opportunities include
Housing supplies, building materials, hotel management in a shopping complex, and also many more.


Apart from oil mining in Nigeria there are so many natural resources that is not been given attention resources such as.
Coal, (ENUGU)
Iron metal,
Marble etc.

All this are natural resources that produces great returns if invested on, an invest who might decide to invest his money into mining of this produce and it gives high returns.
Mining of the products involves the extraction of these materials from the earth soil to present to places they are needed for further production or use.

Manufacturing industries:

Nigeria is a country that is over-dependent on the importation of goods even the little ones that she has the ability to produce this is why mini importation business is very lucrative in this part of the world.

Unfortunately, Nigeria imports minor household items such as toothpicks.

Because it the private investors whose from their initiatives and financial ability start-up manufacturing industries, produces tremendous profit in the field.
This involves the existence of companies industries that manufacture goods such as.
The manufacturing of paints,
Food items,
Table water,
Fiber cables,
Tele communication equipment,

Stock exchange:

The stock exchange market is the most lucrative.
Investing in the stock exchange market is sometimes so risky and difficult.
But it isn’t risky if you have enough capital,


Nigeria in the technological aspect involves business under the motion to help improve the use of technology in Nigerian,

Business opportunities here are in numerous forms it can be in importation and selling of tech gadgets such as phones laptop desktop computer.
We all s have investment opportunities under ICT etc.

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An investor who wishes to invest money into transportation can venture into the provision of transport services, such as starting car transport companies, airways, ship routes.
It has to do with an investment plan which involves the conveying of humans, goods, services from one place to another.
For instance, road transport has many companies that provide conducive vehicles for the comfortable conveying of goods and services.

From one state to Nigeria, Owerri to Lagos, Abuja to Lagos e.g. The ICT Company, Chisco bus, AKTC, etc.
As an investor, you might decide to invest your money into importing and selling the car.

Crypto currency:

There are many apps that you can use to buy and save coins such as rogue, finance, and 9ja cash, luno, trust wallet, block chain, crypto wallet,
You can start a crypto currency investment with an amount low as 500 nairas in roque.
In Nigeria, there are many investment opportunities with high returns but the issue which most people is lack available capital to start their investment.


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