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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Saturday 16th April 2022

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Thursday 14th April 2022
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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Saturday 16th April 2022: Tia says wow, my neckband. Pinky says I have little to no faith in this young lady. Dadi says Anika isn’t such. Pinky says its genealogical neckband, which got taken. Shivaye goes into a room. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana stow away. Some time previously, Shivaye goes to Tia and holds her hand. He kisses her hand. He sees Anika. He hits the dance floor with Tia. Raat baaki… .plays… … … .Anika gets desirous. A person comes to her to request dance. She stops the fellow and hits the dance floor with him. Shivaye attempts to get the accessory. He signs Khanna. Khanna closes down power.

Shivaye takes the genealogical accessory worn by Tia. Accomplices change. Anika comes to Shivaye. Music plays… … … They dance. He asks who is that person, Rohit. She asks who Rohit. He says your sweetheart kid. She asks who. He asks the number of darling young men do you have. She says that Rohit, no he isn’t unreasonably one, I don’t have any acquaintance with him, I lost memory, however perhaps my sweetheart, for what reason are you intrigued, do you give it a second thought. He says no, I can see all over that you give it a second thought. She says I can likewise see, yet you will not acknowledge. He says there is compelling reason need to acknowledge. She says even I will not acknowledge. Light comes. He disappears and places the jewelry in the wine glass. He disappears and converses with a visitor. Rumi dresses as server takes the plate and grins.

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Shivaye turns and sees the accessory gone. Pinky stops him and requests that he meet her companion. He says I will come. She goes. He gets Rumi’s call. He says I m sure you got neckband, yet I didn’t get my chip, where is it. He turns and sees Anika. She asks how… . He says I can make sense of Anika. She goes to Tia and asks where is your accessory. Tia responds and stresses. Pinky and Dadi additionally stress for genealogical accessory. Tia says I swear, I didn’t understand its missing, I don’t have any idea. Pinky says perhaps somebody has taken it, Shivaye call security. She says nobody ought to go out, stand staff in line and actually take a look at them. Rumi calls Shivaye and says stop the check, since I m saying. He says my work was to give jewelry, I gave you, its not my issue to worry about, figure how to leave from here. She expresses think about it, Anika will get found out if checking occurs, I have placed the accessory in Anika’s tote. He sees Anika. Pinky requests that Anika stand with staff.

Dadi asks are you frantic to really look at Anika. Pinky says OK, she is likewise staff, wedding organizer. Rumi looks on. Dadi stops Pinky and says Anika is this house bahu. Pinky says Tia is the bahu of this house, I have zero faith in Anika, perhaps she needed to take familial neckband, its taken, everybody will be checked. Dadi prevents the watchman from coming to Anika. Pinky says you trust Anika, yet I question her, I will really look at her. Dadi says stop, don’t contact her. Pinky gets out whatever’s the damage to check her, for what reason are you apprehensive. Mrs. Kapoor inquires as to whether Anika didn’t burglarize it, you ought to actually look at everybody for getting hereditary accessory. Rumi thinks for what reason is Shivaye not halting the check. Dadi says I totally trust Anika.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Saturday 16th April 2022: Anika says Dadi, I didn’t take. Pinky says that will be chosen after check. Shivaye sees the accessory in Anika’s medical attendant and figures what to do now. He disappears and slides a container down. Pinky goes to see. Shivaye goes to Anika and gets the neckband from her satchel. He tosses the neckband on ground, while Anika checks him out. He asks what’s this and picks the neckband. Pinky asks how could it be fallen here. Shivaye says perhaps it tumbled down Tia’s neck while moving, you ought to have tracked down it prior to checking. Pinky says say thanks to God, we got it. Shivaye says Tia, you ought to have been cautious, Khanna stop the checking. Tia asks Shivaye for accessory. He says no, its valuable, I can’t face challenge to lose it, I don’t need us to not partake in the party being concerned for this accessory, its Tia’s neckband, we won’t be terrified to lose it. Pinky says OK, everybody has eyes on jewelry, Tia don’t feel terrible, its your accessory. Tia says its alright, I get it.

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Pinky requests that everybody appreciate party. Dadi holds Anika and asks are you fine, I m sorry from Pinky’s side. Anika embraces Dadi. Shivaye signs Khanna to cut power once more. He returns neckband to the wine glass. Rumi takes the jewelry and goes. Shivaye calls her and asks did you get it. She says OK. He asks where’s my chip. She says I have it, I m going higher up, come and take it. Mrs. Kapoor stops him and asks do you think you are savvy. He says I don’t think, I m savvy.

She says you can trick Pinky and Tia, not me, you figured you will get accessory by Tia by excuse and I will not get it. He says its our accessory, I can keep it, provide for anybody, or toss in ocean, its not your concern. She says Tia has right on it, I won’t bear on the off chance that anybody attempts to grab her freedoms. He asks how will you respond. She says remember I have that video. He says now I feel this undermining is a joke, I m wedding Tia, what’s your concern, simply chill and partake in the wedding. She says get nothing out of sorts done this time. He says it will not work out and goes. Shwetlana says he looks much certain, he is acting like he knows it all. Mrs. Kapoor says or he is showing that he knows it all, he can do nothing, till I have that chip, he will move on my fingers, I keep that chip with me, in this watch, you need to see it. She opens her watch and doesn’t track down the chip. She gets stunned and says that chip hasn’t arrived. Shwetlana gets stunned.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Saturday 16th April 2022: Shivaye sees Rumi. He follows her. Priyanka asks why are you here. He doesn’t say anything, go, I will go along with you folks. Rumi signs him to come. Shakti asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye says I needed to go to a devil call. Shakti requests that he come soon. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana tie up Rumi. Shivaye goes into the room. They stow away under the bed and take off to stow away. He doesn’t see the telephone fallen close to the bed. He figures where did she go, she came here. Shwetlana believes Rumi’s telephone is left there.

Anika asks Shivaye for what valid reason are you doing this. He says do you give it a second thought, you requested that I wed Tia, I m doing, when I m not conversing with you, not seeing you today, for what reason are you getting impacted.


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