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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Sunday 17th April 2022

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Thursday 14th April 2022
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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Sunday 17th April 2022: Shivaye says you advised me to wed Tia, I m doing that, we will not have anything to talk tomorrow, in the event that I m not talking and seeing you, for what reason are you getting impacted. Shwetlana says on the off chance that Shivaye goes to Om’s room, it will be an issue. He goes to Om’s room. Somebody is inside a model. Some time previously, Shivaye searches for Rumi. Shwetlana quietly takes Rumi’s telephone and stows away. He turns and thinks Rumi came here, its sort of weird that there is nobody here. Khanna says you are here, I was observing you, come, I need to show something. Shivaye leaves. Mrs. Kapoor says we need to take her out. Shwetlana says there is tight security, Mrs. Kapoor says I know, however assuming she remains here, its more risky. Shwetlana says you are correct, Shivaye will attempt best to track down her, we should accept her out.

Pinky says Shivaye, everybody is inquiring as to yourself. Shivaye says not currently, I will meet later. She says you are accompanying me. Khanna says mam. She asks will you talk now, I think Shivaye is security, you put all work on him. Shivaye says Khanna pause. She asks will you hear Shivaye or his mum. He says mum. She requests that he go and takes Shivaye. Mrs. Kapoor says cautious, anybody could see. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana get stressed, and go to see. They see Tia. Tia asks why are you here and Rumi… Shwetlana says we need to fix this, come.

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Shivaye requests that Pinky comprehend, Khanna needs to show something devil. She says nothing will occur in the event that you don’t labor for a day. Anika gets sherwani. Pinky requests that he wear it, we are doing Jagrata today, nobody will rest today. He requests what’s the need from Jago. She says its demon, its capacity before marriage. She says yet mother. She says no uncertainties and buts, you wear this and come. He says I m wedding, why this multitude of capacities. She says my main child is getting hitched, I need to do everything, you will happen to Tia tomorrow, today its your final evening of bachelorhood. She goes.

Shwetlana gets an infusion for Rumi, and says this won’t allow her to get cognizant. Tia says I m frightened. Shwetlana says don’t overreact, stop it, assuming you look anxious, everybody will question, mother take Tia, I will deal with Rumi. Mrs. Kapoor and Tia leave. She infuses Rumi.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Sunday 17th April 2022: Anika helps Shivaye in wearing sherwani. She says you had nothing since morning, I will get nourishment for you, will I bring food here or will you feast first floor, for what reason are you not responding to me, you are not in any event, checking out at me, why. He asks do you give it a second thought on the off chance that I m not conversing with you. She says don’t do this. He asks what am I doing, you advised me to wed Tia, I m doing, we may not talk tomorrow, perhaps we won’t meet, for what reason do you give it a second thought on the off chance that I m not talking and seeing you. She says I couldn’t care less. He asks don’t you, will be you certain. She moves back and says OK. He requests that she say so anyone might hear. She says OK, I couldn’t care less. He says fine, on the off chance that you say you care now, I won’t really enjoy it, I will wed Tia, whatever occurs. He strolls ahead. Her arm band stalls out in his sleeve button. He breaks her arm band out of resentment. He sees the arm band chain and reviews the old second. He drops it and leaves. She picks the arm band chain and moon.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Shivaye grins seeing Om and Rudra. He embraces them. Lafzon ka ye… .plays… … ..Shivaye says I truly missed you folks. Rudra says I missed you both a great deal, I could have done without Obros division track, we will generally be together, I will stick out in the event that you go restroom. Shivaye says I felt you have grown up, not all that much. Rudra says I m fine as youthful, assuming growing up means to move away from siblings, we will make Pinky guarantee that we will constantly remain together. They all make Pinky guarantee. Om asks is everything fine.

Shivaye says all that will get fine. Om inquires as to why this marriage out of nowhere. Shivaye says its right, it has everybody’s joy. Rudra asks your joy. Shivaye says I m doing well, trust me on this. Om gets a call and says I m sending it. Shivaye asks what occurred. Om says I was chipping away at a sculpture prior to going Bareilly, I need to send it to studio for painting, its demon. Shivaye says I will send it, you both came after lengthy, proceed to meet Jhanvi. Om says thanks to him and goes. Shwetlana looks on and supposes assuming that Shivaye goes to Om’s room, it will be issue, I need to stop him.

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She gets Tia and requests that she prevent Shivaye from going to Om’s room. Tia inquires as to why. Shwetlana says there is no opportunity to make sense of, we three will get found out, go. Tia goes to Shivaye and asks are you occupied. He says OK, a piece. She says I need to discuss wedding courses of action. He requests that she converse with Anika. She says I need to examine return gifts for your business related. He requests that she take help from another person. Pinky comes and asks what occurred. Shivaye requests that Pinky help Tia. Pinky requests that Tia be cheerful so that approaching child is happy great individual. She takes Tia. Shivaye goes to Om’s room and sees the sculpture. He calls somebody to Om’s room. Somebody is inside the sculpture. He says where did that young lady go, she has the chip, I need to find out.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Sunday 17th April 2022L Anika comes there and sees the sculpture. He asks what. She doesn’t say anything, I came to take a few tones. He asks do you need to say something. She says I don’t have any idea how our connection began however since when I recall, anything that you accomplished for me, I need to express profound gratitude, I will go from here, its your marriage tomorrow, I may not get an opportunity, so I m expressing profound gratitude today. He gets baffled and hits the sculpture. He asks bless your heart? Do you need to say simply thank you after so much occurred between us, is it important to express thanks in our connection, you won’t get out whatever I need to hear from you, thank you, I don’t need your thank you, say nothing, go Anika. She goes. Worker comes and says you called Sir. Shivaye says convey this sculpture to Om’s studio. Worker goes. Shivaye holds the sculpture.

Shivaye chats on call and says let me in on when she gets cognizant. He sees Anika preparing. She drops her mangalsutra. He holds it.


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