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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Tuesday 19th April 2022

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Tuesday 19th April 2022
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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Tuesday 19th April 2022: Shivaye, Om and Rudra dance. Lafzon ka yeh… ..plays… … … . Shivaye goes to Anika. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Rumi rolls down the steps and falls. They generally get stunned. Some time previously, Pinky says I m extremely cheerful seeing you Jhanvi, I missed you a great deal. Tej comes there. Jhanvi checks him out. Tej sees Om and Shwetlana. Pinky signs Jhanvi to take them light. Tia converses with somebody on telephone. Anika hears her and says whom is Tia going to meet around evening time, is that Dushyant. She pursues Tia. Tia embraces some person. Anika looks on and thinks he is Dushyant.

Shivaye comes and says Sharad, what a wonderful little treat. Tia says precisely, I figured he will miss our wedding, yet he amazed me. Anika asks Sharad. Tia says he is my school time dearest companion. Shivaye says you came on right time, work is starting, come. They go. Anika says I thought he is Dushyant, assuming that this is Sharad, who is Dushyant. She reviews the photographs and says Dushyant was the other one.

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Om’s sculpture tumbles down. Rumi slithers out. Shwetlana comes there thinking everybody is occupied, dealing with Rumi great possibility. Rumi slithers to landline and calls Shivaye. He says who is calling from home and replies. Rumi makes proper acquaintance Shivaye… .. Shwetlana pulls the link. Rumi gets stunned seeing her and cries. She attempts to choke Rumi by the wire. Shivaye says it was some young lady’s voice, who can call me from this house. Khanna gets film and says we were unable to distinguish this Dholak wali and server. Shivaye says she is same individual. Rudra comes and requests that he come for dance. Rudra sees Rumi and says she is Rumi. Shivaye asks Rumi, that Devi? Rudra says OK, to whom is she giving darshan in this house, for what reason did she come here. Shivaye says it implies Rumi is in this house, Khanna view as her. Rumi pushes Shwetlana and runs out.

Shivaye, Om, Rudra and everybody dance on Cutie pie… … Rumi runs in hall… ..Shwetlana pursues her. They all dance joyfully. Lafzon ka yeh… … plays… … … Shivaye goes towards Anika. She moves away. Inna sona kyu… .plays… … … He goes to her and holds her hand. They have an eyelock. He holds her face. She goes. He goes to her. Rumi rolls down the steps and falls. They generally get stunned seeing her.

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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Tuesday 19th April 2022: Shwetlana sees Rumi and stows away. Shivaye and everybody see Rumi. Shivaye says somebody call the specialist. Pinky asks who is she. Shivaye thinks she is same young lady who has the chip, she needs to get fine, I need that chip before marriage, whatever occurs. Mrs. Kapoor believes assuming Rumi gets saved and Shivaye gets the chip, I need that chip in any case. Specialist says she is fine currently, yet some time is required. Shivaye asks how long. Specialist says sorry we can’t say that. Shwetlana sees them and goes into the room. She sees nurture keeping Rumi’s garments.

She says I m sure Rumi would keep the chip in her effects. She actually looks at her coat and shirt, alongside frill. She hears somebody coming and stows away. Shivaye goes into the room. He sees Rumi and goes to actually look at her possessions. He says chip hasn’t arrived, where will I track down it, what will occur. He leaves.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Tuesday 19th April 2022: Anika prepares. She applies sindoor. Shivaye sees her. O jaana… ..plays… … … … ..She takes mangalsutra to wear. It tumbles off her hand. Shivaye holds it. Paas aaye… ..plays… … … .Their old second and marriage is shown. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. She sees him in reflect. She says Shivaye… . He says no, its much late Anika. Pinky comes and sees them. She says you look so lovely, no attractive, I will do your aarti, joy will come in this house after lengthy time. She does his tilak and aarti. She says Tia will come as bahu in this house and I will dispose of this misfortune. He says Maa enough. She says no outrage today. Rudra asks Shivaye is he prepared. She requests that Om and Rudra get Shivaye. She requests that Anika come and work, did she come here to prepare or oversee work. Anika leaves with Pinky.

Shivaye asks what’s this. Mrs. Kapoor says its arrangement papers, so your and Tia’s marriage gets legitimate. He says I m doing marriage. She requests that what’s the issue sign then, at that point. He sees Anika and takes papers to sign.


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