JAMB Literature in English Questions 2021 Random Repeated Questions.

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JAMB Literature In English Questions 2021 Most Randomly Repeated Question

JAMB Literature in English Questions 2021

1. The characters are matched with the hero playing is
[A] antagonist
[B] Anti-hero
[C] loudmouth
[D] Clown
[E] Hypocrisy

2. “He bleats like a goat” is an example of
[A] hyperbole
[B] Irony
[C] Personification
[D] Pun
[E] Simile

3. A method of writing an epistolary novel is a method in which a novel is written in the form
[A dialog
[B] Drama
Essays [c] [D] Letter
[E] Monologue

4. Which of the following is not a literary genre?
[A] farce
[B] Novel
[C] play
[D] poetry
[E] satire

5. A simple story with a deeper meaning is called
[A] an allegory
[B] an elegy
[C] Epic
[D] ode
[E] romance

6. A poetic device that exaggerates situations or objects known as
[A] climax
[B] epigram
[C] flashback
[D] hyperbole
The paradox [e]

7. Which of the following is strange in the appreciation of poetry?
chapter [a] [B] rythm
setting [c] [D] stanza
theme [e]

8. means ‘tragic flaw’ term
[A] A mistake made by a hero
[B] A moral weakness in the hero
[C] the first act in a play
[D] prologue
[E] misspellings in play

9. The first eight lines of the sonnet is called
[A] couplet
[B] an octave
[C] lyric
[D] sestet a
[E] set

10. The last part of the literary work known as
[A] recognition
[B] an epilogue
[C] tombstone
[D] prologue
Conclusion [e]

more questions
Repeat Random Question sills Literature in English

11. The sound is identical at the end of the poem known as
[B] refrain
[C] rhyme
[D] rhythm
[E] Paragraph

12. A direct address to the dead / no or thing known as
[A] apostrophe
[B] direct speech
[C] singing
[D] lyric
[E] oration

13. The use of a mild expression to avoid a direct statement of an unpleasant truth known as
[A] euphemism
[B] hyperbole
Irony [c] [D] simile

14. Which of the following is not playing?
[A] Doctor Faustus
[B] Romeo and Juliet
[C] Galileo
[D] Dizzy Angels
[E] Traces of Dedan Kimathi

15. But from this earth, this grave, this dust God will resurrect me, ‘I believe’ is one of the poet Feelings
hatred [a] [B] vacillation
[D] optimism
[E] sarcasm

16. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, the Lord will raise me, I trust!. The bottom line is an example
[A] assonance
[B] paradox
[C] repetition
[D] rhyme
[E] sarcasm

17. Period of laughter or amusement in a tragic drama called
comedy [a] [B] comic relief
[C] criticism
[D] interlude
[E] suspense

18. The main female character in a novel called a / an
Actress [a] [B] clown
hero [c] [D] hero
[E] criminals

19. A poem tells spend action hero is
[A] ballad
[B] revile
[C] Epic
[D] parody
[E] sonnet

20. The main feature of drama
[A] act and scene
[B] chapters and paragraphs
characterization [c] [D] meter and rhythm
[E] stanza and verse

further reading
further reading

21. One of the main goals of doing active work of literature is to
[A] laugh in society
[B] the make people laugh
[C] the weakness of human events
[D] teach moral lessons

22. A poem that describes the simple rural life of the common people called
[A] carol
[B] lyrics
[C] Epic
[D] ode
[E] a pastoral

23. The phrase ‘He is the living dead’ is an example of
[A] antithesis
[B] image
[C] oxymoron
[D] paradox
[E] the personification

24. The defense lawyers aimed at the bench. The underlined is an example of
seat [a] a
[B] metaphor
[C] metonymy
[D] onomatopoeia
[E] oxymoron

25. A sonnet may be divided into an octave and / an
[A] couplet
[B] octave
[C] lyric
[D] Sestet
[E] Tercel

26. In the drama, clown
[A] create confusion
[B] creates hatred
[C] create humor
[D] produces horror
[E] identify with the hero

27. Choose the odd item
[A] ballad
[B] hyperbole
[C] metaphor
[D] was
[E] simile

28. A protagonist who has a catastrophic end is
[A] comic
[B] characters flat
[C] characters round
[D] tragedy
[E] tragic hero

29. romantic poetry deals with
[B] conquest
Kingdom [c] [D] wedding
Nature [e]

30. The anxiety of the reader to know of the subsequent developments in a novel is known as
[a] conflict
[b] Fiction
[c] Love
[d] Surprise
[e] Suspense


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