Jodha Akba Tuesday 19th October 2021 Zee World

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Jodha Akba Tuesday 19th October 2021 Zee World :at the night, Jodha is sobbing, she thinks of Jalal’s forgiveness that punish him, how she said that she will not go to agra with him. she is angry on kahna that you are doing all this.

she says to kahna that its all because of you that earlier he threw me out and now he came here, she says why this with me

always, i didnt forget my insult til now, why you always put me in difficult situation, she cries and says i have to go from here, someone knocks on her door, she thinks it must be jalal, what should i do, door gets open and its bharmal,

she hugs him, he says dont cry, he says you are my strong daughter look i came, everything will be finr, jalal comes there too.. Jalal leaves.

bharmal says jalal is very sorry for what happened, he came to Amer for you, he was finding you without rest, i have seen the desperation in his eyes, i know its difficult for a rajvanshi but please forgive him, he says okay lets go to amer, she says i cant i am fine here, bharmal says i know about your promise to meenawati that you will not come in Amer .

but she took that so your married life doesnt get broken but why so much anger for her, its like death for me that my daughter is not coming in my home, for a daughter her father’s house is always open for her, please come with me.

Jodha Akba Tuesday 19th October 2021 Zee World: jodha says no i will stay here, bharmal says okay i am stubborn too, i will stay in this asylum leaving my kingship, jodha says no dont say this, i will come with you, she cries.

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 18 October 2021 Zee World: Bahral came to meet Jalal, Todal’s leaves from there, Jalal asked what he saidBharmal said you knew him, he was stubborn, he still steadfastly on his decision, Jalal said if he went from me then how,

would I calm him down? Bharmal said let me take him to Amer, he was not stable in a condition, he would rest there and also Dadisa and Maassa would explain it then he would think of you.

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There is also a gangha ur celebration on Amer so it’s good if he comes there, I can’t invite you regret. With the time of Jodha’s anger will decrease, then you come to Amer and bring it.

Jalal said you’re right, it’s my fault so I have to be punished, Bharmal says having hope everything will be fine. Jalal thinks that I can’t make you even after you find you, I hope that day when you talk to me like before.

In the morning, Jodha came out of the asylum to go to Amer, he greeted all, they said forgive us if we made a mistake, Jodha said no, you all treated me like family, gave me respect


Jodha Akbar Update Monday 18 October 2021 Zee World: ahrmal greeting and thank you Todal, Todal said I just did my job, Todal greeted Jodha and said Sorry I couldn’t recognize you, Jodha said thank you at the Asylum Hospital, Jodha gave several prizes for Shehnaz.

who could not be found, Jodha sat on Shehnaz sits there and says I won’t let you go anywhere, the woman asked her to come out, they start late, she said Jodha promised me that she wouldn’t leave me, said the woman took her out, the woman said her out, the woman said Get out, Jodha stop Shehnaz, will you go with me? Shenaz.

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hugged him and said you were great Lakshmi, Jodha said I called Lakshmi. Jodha turned to leave, he looked at him, he looked at him, Jalal said in the heart that didn’t go Jodha, please don’t, Jodha said in the heart who regret jalal but I can’t go with you and we can’t live toghter like this …

Jodha and Shehnaz sat on Pananquin. Bharmal sat on the horse and greeted Jalal, Jalal thought that I lost your love because of my doubts, but I will win your heart with my love, I won’t let you apart from me.

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 18 October 2021 Zee World:In Amer, all acquainted that Jodha will come, Dadisa’s prize Dases in Jodha’s happiness comes, he told me that Jodha was found and Bharmal will come with him, Meena became happy and said to my prayer,

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