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Jodha Akbar Teasers October 2022
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Scene 1.
in this post Jodha Akbar Friday 10th September 2021 Update Zee world Zeenat will make Hussain lick poison when Jalal came there, Zeenat quickly hid poison, Jalal said where did Ruks? He said the Ruks was taking a shower, Jalal took Hussain from him and said I wanted to spend time with Hussain, saying that I took Hussain, Jalal leaves with Hussain, Zeenat was surprised to find that fake poison finger was lost, he said it must have gone with Jalal, I have to have to find it.

Scene 2.
Jalal was talking to Hussain, he said you were lucky that your mother Jodha loved you very much, what? Do you want me to be a horse? He put Hussain to Shoulder, toxic fingers fell on the ground but Jalal did not see it, Jodha saw Hussain in Jalal’s hand and said my son Hussain, he ran to him, he took Hussain from Jalal’s hand and kissed him, he said I wanted to see you, you didn’t miss your mother, do you create a problem for Ruaran, Jalal says Hussain smiles seeing you,

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it seems like he wants to play with you, suddenly starting to rain, Jodha also has a naughty beomce, they took refuge, Jalal said look at her hair, she looked like a parent, Jodha said my son was not old, you’re old now, Jalal said there are still many girls want to marry me, Jodha wants to marry your wealth, Jodha plays with Hussain, Jalal thinks that after a few days I have seen a smile on your face, I’m sure you will be good, okay, if Hussain remains with you, Jalal asks Jodha to give a child to him,

Jodha says I won’t be stunned like you so don’t worry, Ruaran saw them with Hussain, he shouted Jalal, Ruks began to come there, Jodha hugged Hussain, Ruarans came to Jalal and SYS you took Hussain here, Jalal said, I wanted to play With him, Ruks in a polite tone said to Jodha who gave Hussain to him, he took Hussain from Jodha, he left there with Hussain, Jodha was sad.

Scene 3.
Ruks played with Hussain in his room, he asked Hoshiyar to call Zeenat, Zeenat himself came there, Ruks said I just called you, I was happy to see your concern for Hussain, I didn’t know what would happen if you were not with me, Zeenat said God would happen to Hussain, I was his caregator so I was on duty, I was lucky to be his caregator, he took Hussain from Ruks and started leaving, Ruks said he didn’t leave here, just sit here, just sit here,

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don’t go wrong, you are the most I trusted the most Now, I am a responsible mother, I don’t like it when you give Hussain to Jalal, Zeenat said I couldn’t say not to the king, Ruks said I knew that why I decided that Hussain would be in front of my eyes 24 * 7, Zeenat said OK and sit down to feed Hussain, after a while, I think his stomach is full now, he takes Hussain from Zeenat, Z Eenat said I did not have any work, you can rest, I will handle Hussain, Ruks says no, I’m fine, I want to be alone with my son, you go and rest I will contact you if I need to, Zeenat thinks that How will I do my job now, I have to find the toxic finger too.

Scene 4.
At night, Zeenat found a finger in the garden area, Salima came there so she threw her ring, Salima asked what did you do here? Zeenat said I was looking for my ring, missing, Salima said I would help you, he started looking and found a ring, he asked if this is your ring? Zeenat said yes, it’s my favorite, said Salima but this finger? Zeenat becomes tense, Salima says your finger caught fire, let’s go to the doctor.

Jalal said to Jodha that I apologized for the behavior of Ruaran, Jodha didn’t say anything like that, I spent a little time with Hussain, it was enough, Ruarans was a protector because he loved him very much, Jalal said don’t pretend in front of me, I know you, I have decided to take back Hussain from Ruks and give it to you, Jodha says no, don’t do it, I lose Hassan which doesn’t mean you will seize Hussain from him, I know what feels like his mother, Jalal said I didn’t LOVE it when he grabbed Hussain from you, he must understand that you have done a great help

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