Jodha Akbar Friday 8th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.
Jodha Akbar Friday 8th October 2021 Update Zee world Belled told Ruks that I could touch your feet, I couldn’t touch Shsheshah’s wife, Ruarans Smirks. He said you know, many people say that he is good, bell said I didn’t make him but listen to him softly.
Maham came to Jalal and said I had to know a big thing about being torn, Maham showed the paintings of being belled, he said what, Maham said you didn’t find it.

Ruks asks to go and give this jewelry to Jodha. Jalal said I didn’t find anything in it, Maham said okay I would relieve your problem. He made a beard and mustache on the paintings and asked now what he remembers who he is the way to meet Jodha, I think there are some affairs among them, he comes here for his love, in your harem, smoke Jalal.

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He took a portrait. Maham said he was under Bakshi, thank God, he was safe, he came to the harem, he violated your rules, he had to meet Jodha at night, Jalal threw painting and asked where he was? Maham said that he was with Ruks now, Jalal left. Maham said Sorry Jodha is now just your memory that will remain here

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Scene 2.
Jodha Akbar Friday 8th October 2021 Update Zee world Bell will go to Jodha and think that I have got the chance to meet Jodha, I don’t think I can find the culprit, all have doubts about me, I have to go after meeting Jodha, he goes to Jodha and says that I want to talk to you alone, Jodha asked Moti out. Jalal came to the room and asked about bellawar, he said he was with me but said that he wanted to give something to Jodha, Jalal went to his room.

Suja said to Jodha that I was here, I was a pedal, he took off Dupatta, Jodha was stunned and said to be Rajvanshi how you could do this, he said I promised to protect the Jalal someone he planned so I came here but now all doubt me Gotta go. Sorry I can’t recognize the culprit

, Jalal came there to shout that the traitor I would cut your head, Jodha asked him to leave, he left, Jalal came and asked Jodha what was done bell here, what do you think for me, I know Everything, I know who he is, I will talk to you but my 1 will cut his head, he comes out, Jodha thinks how to tell the truth Jalal. Jalal asked the army to catch the bell.

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Scene 3.
Bell thought that I had to leave, the army found it and attacked him, he fought them and said Mughal could not touch Rajvanshi. He ran from there, the army was behind him, Jalal said to Atgah that he was Rajvanhsi, the army clogged himself that he went to the kitchen after hurting some soldiers, Jalal said his darn. Eh, go there. Adham asked Maham all this, he told him that the bell was human and he came to meet Jodha, I promised the throne of Dehli for you and our big problem was Jodha but now he will be removed from our way.

Sujamal came in the kitchen, the army surrounded him, he fought all the soldiers and hid in a large mug, one bandhi saw him hiding, Jalal came there, Bandhi told him that he was hiding in a big mug. Jodha prayed to Kahna to save the Sujamal from Jalal, he said he came here like eunuch only for me, please save it.

Ruksyah is happy that now Jodha will leave. Hamida asked who was the man, Salima said I did not know, Hamida hoped Jalal would not be angry at Jodha. Shrech with Bakshi, he knew that he was a man, he thought that what if he was pedamal, he knew everything about me, he left. Bakshi thought that he went listening to Jodha’s name.

Scene 4.
Jodha Akbar Friday 8th October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal and troops came there for the mug, Jalal said I knew you were on the mug, I said you came out, he said you still had time to come out again hot water would burn your skin.

Precap-Jalal told Jodha that I began to love you and I saw light in my life but you made the light not pure

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