Jodha Akbar Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Update

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Jodha Akbar Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Update Maham asked Sharif where you got lost, Sharif said I thought that a separate misunderstanding Jalal and Jodha, hoped they patch. He goes.

Maham thought that this misunderstanding would not last long because Jalal would know the truth and he would go behind Jalal, I had to play the next trick. Javeda came and said that the luster of this palace was gone, Jodha left the palace, Maham said I would come from Mazaar and leave. Javeda said he also thought that Jodha did black magic, I would also go to Mazaar.

Jodha Akbar Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Update Jalal came to Jodha’s painting and said this much, if I said once so you would leave. You didn’t answer me once that I was wrong. I like this I have loved someone for the first time. You can make me understand the things I know I do a doubtful sin but you don’t remove misunderstandings, I am a human I can make a mistake but you can fight with me, you can answer me directly that I am wrong.

You struggle for bandhies, my sister Bakshi and for many people but why you don’t fight with myself, don’t think that you don’t have rights to me. Not for me, you can live in Hamida, for the uterus, for Salima, for a nation that prays for you day and night. Hamida comes there and says now you are actually now you know the importance of Jodha, Jalal says Ammi … Hamida says don’t call me Ammi, you don’t understand the importance of relationships,

Jalal said I made a mistake. Hamida said so why why I, Salima, Rahim and State suffered because of your mistake, a devil will never doubt it and you what you do, he said because of his respect he left this palace, he was a pure woman elegant, you have hurt me a lot . Jalal said I forgive me, he said you had broken my mother, you doubted my daughter.

What the need for this painting in this room, I took my daughter’s painting, Jalal said at least you forgave me. Hamida said this is your rule that only people you get hurt can forgive you and I will forgive you when you will bring my daughter back, she takes painting and leaves. jalal cry.

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Scene 2.
Maham went somewhere in the market, Javeda followed him. He said Maham was puntual in this age too, he said the jewelry and stopped, he said I would bring a coin, he said where was going. Maham came to an isolated place,

Javeda still followed him and said this was not the road to Mazaar, he said he went in the woods when a wild animal would attack him, I would save him this would be great. He saw him hiding behind the bushes. Maham left, Javeda said where he went. Maham knocked out some huts and OG in it, Javeda came and said he was here where he disappeared, he cried and said that the witch took my Ammi Jaan, I had lost everything, please give me my Ammi.

Scene 3.
Jalal was sad and remembered how he said to Jodha that I began to love you but you finished with your character without your character, he thought that I was wrong, I misunderstood, I will fix it, Jodha on the other hand thinks that I like many Jalal but you Has hurt me a lot. (Diel Kashmakash Main Bara Hai Plays). Ruks came to Jalal and said I knew you were worried but a king was not so emotional, Jalal said I had never taken a serious accusation to anyone, I doubted his purity, I doubted his relationship with his brother, I had to hurt a lot.

Jodha Akbar Monday 11th October 2021 Zee World Update Salima came there, Jalal said I needed your suggestion, I was charged with Jodha, I doubted his character, Salima said I knew you made a mistake and also asked Jodha to leave here, he said I also knew that you really knew that you like Jodha Many, Jalal ask for advice, Salima said I can give anything because in the relationship between your husband’s wife they can solve their own problems, no one can sort out your problem, you can do that, this is the problem, you have given wounds and you. in pain, only you can reduce your pain. Errors occur in relationships but you have to fix it, you have to face J

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