Jodha Akbar Monday 13th September 2021 Update Zee world.

Jodha Akbar Teasers October 2022
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Scene 1.
In this post Jodha Akbar Monday 13th September 2021 Update Zee world. Jalal came out of the room Ans shouting at the warrior that this was my palace and no one could hide here, found Qasim and Zeenat.

Ruks told Jodha that it was all your fault, you couldn’t protect Hussain, Jodha said he was my son, I shouldn’t leave it, Ruks said this couldn’t happen, my world was destroyed, I wouldn’t leave anyone, the uterus came there and showed a finger Toxic to the Salima,

he said I found it in the park, he left there, all saw it, Zakira said this was not a simple thing, this was one way to give poison to remain safe, I knew this as Benazir using this trick, Salima said now I knew that everything was done by Zeenat, when I saw Zeenat in the parking area found something, the doctor said I was hesitant than before, actually, he listened to the syrup given to Ruarans, I thought he gave syrup to stay away from Hussain, he checked the finger and said this Toxic, said Hamida Oh God.

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Jalal said I would not leave them, Qasim and Zeenat hid, he asked Zeenat to control his son, he should not make a voice, he asked Zeenat to hide in the harem, he would hide elsewhere, Zeenat left and hid behind the pillars in the harem.

Scene 2.
Qasim was hiding, he said there was no way out, Maan asked the army to Qasim at any cost, the Qasim became tense.
Ruks came into the harem, he shouted at the dases that I wanted to Zeenat, Hamida asked Salima to handle Ruarans when he would see Jodha, he left there to Jodha, I wanted Zeenat at any cost, did not know where women without characters were hiding.

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Qasim hiding, Bharmal also looked for it, Qasim found no way open with his sword and began to kill the army, Bharmal came there, Qasim said let me go again I would kill you, Bharmal said you had no way to go.
Ruks said I would not leave this woman today, I will take her life, she listens to the sound of crying from behind the wall, she stops listening to it. Ruk-huk began to move towards the wall, he sent the army, they caught Zeenat and took him to Ruk, Ruks said I trusted you,

I gave you my son to feed him and you took his life, Zeenat said I, Rukku, sorry to say you will get your punishment will see your child dying, he seizes Zeenat’s children from him, Ruks holds Zeenat’s son and says murder in return for murder, you kill my child, now you will see your child dying, Zeenat says no, don’t do it with my child, don’t take it His life, Ruks said why,

now it’s about your child so you shout, you don’t see the innocence of my child kill him, Salima comes there and brings children from Ruks, he said to Ruarans that you can’t do it, you can’t be Like him, you are Queen Mughal, Ruks said no, I lost my mother whose child was killed by the para This woman, I will not leave it, she has to taste it poison only, Ruks brought the finger and made Zeenat feel it, Zeenat died only there, Ruaran smiled when he felt CE peas see him dead, Salima with a surprise to see all this.

Scene 3.
Bharmal had a sword battle with Qasim, Qasim attacked him, Bharmal hit him and put a sword in his stomach and said this to kill the innocent children, Qasim died there, Jalal came there and with anger at Qasim, he took a dagger and continued Placing him Deadbody Qasim cruelly, Hamida came there and stopped Jalal.
His last ceremony Hussain, Jodha said when my child was dying, I enjoyed Romance, he remembered his time spent on Jalal that night, he thought how I could be so careless, the priest said there would be the last prayer for the child, Jalal’s call, Jalal came there all was broken.


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