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Jodha Akbar Monday 18th October 2021 Zee World Update: The doctor said that let him stay here for tonight he would be better until tomorrow, Jodha saw Jalal and left there, someone stopped him and asked why you came there, Humans lived on that side,

Jodha said I went to give a wounded male medicine, the woman said she was a warrior, she was a great man, he knew how your cengku, his wife must be very lucky because he respected love and women, Jodha thought I didn’t Never seen his love, another woman came and said I would prepare food for the injured man,.

Jodha said I would help you, she went to the kitchen and began to make bread, she remembered how she made it before how she asked her away from Agra,

Jodha said To women who add more spices in the food he likes it, he asks how you know Likewrite? Jodha said I listened to that soldiers like spicy food, he thought that the painful ego was that Jalal was here, it was not good that I stayed here, after Holi I would leave here.

He came to his room and looked at him from the outside, he remembered how he saved him when the people attacked that woman, he reminded their moments and wiped his tears.

Jodha Akbar Monday 18th October 2021 Zee World Update: Adham told a minister that Jalal was looking for Jodha, a good opportunity that we killed the person, the minister said it was good to stay away from Atgah.

Your mission is to get the throne then why run behind Atgah, he’s just a servant of a king, when you will be king then he will serve you, you have to concentrate on Shehenshah, he comes out, Adham says a good idea, we have to finish. Jalal, he shouldn’t return to Agra.

Mali was angry that Jalal was not found, his servant said that he was in disguise, Mali said this meant there was no warrior around him, we must recognize him, I will not let him go, we will make the grave here.

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Maham said to Hamida that Jodha was not in Amer, Jalal was looking for him, he sent a message that he would not be Ruthurn until he found Jodha,

Ruks said what this would continue to find his whole life, I was worried about him, God had mercy, Hamida said Why is the mercy of him? He doubted Jodha so now he had to take him back,

Maham said but his life might be in danger, Ruks said until he would find him, Jodha went alone, Salima said no Jalal asking him to leave,

Ruks said he was not in Amer, not in Amer I think because of insults he must have decided to commit suicide, Hamida says enough only you who can think like this, how can you say this about Jodha,

he is not weak, he is hiding somewhere, he is hiding somewhere but Jalal will find it . Ruk and Maham left from there. Salima said having trust, Jalal would return with Jodha, after every night there was sunrise, Jodha would be fine.

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In the morning, Todal Malls come to Jalal and say you are ready to go, you need to rest, Jalal says I have to find Jodha 1, Todal says today is Holi celebration at Mathura Mandir, I think you should go there to find Jodha, Jalal says okay we have to go. Todal Mall asked Jalal to come.

At a mental hospital, all of them play Holi, a man told Todal that people here are happy only because of you, Todal says all the overall efforts, all have to play Holi happily here, don’t think that it is asylum.

Shehnaz came in the Holi area, he tried to apply the color to one woman but he left there, Shehnaz said no one played Holi with me so I would play alone, he colored himself and asked what was doing?

Jodha Akbar Monday 18th October 2021 Zee World Update: He said I didn’t want anyone to color me so I pulled myself, he asked Jodha why didn’t you play Holi? How to take color from your l

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