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Scene 1.

Jodha Akbar Monday 27th September 2021 Update Zee world Jodha initially said some beautiful lines for women and the strength of women. Jodha said today is a special day because women have colors and fighting, our battlefield is our home and our society, even a small fight teaches your lesson, we are with you in a fight, he hit the arrow on the target and said why the woman was on the target always, We will not accept female disability.

The episode began with Jalal and Atgah, Todar, Jalal said sending letters to Maan and Mirza that I was happy with their dedication and work, Atgah said someone attacked you and investigated. Jalal said I knew, but I will sit in the cabin to save myself, I have to make a decision about the government, Jalal asked told something but Todar was gone, Jalal asked if everything was fine, todar saw Jodha and a smile at Jalal, all Greet Jodha, Todar and Aggah go, Shehnaz’s leaves too, Jalal asked Jodha to sit with him in the park. Another today follows Shehnaz.

Jalal said every time I go with you somewhere, something good happens, Jodha asks what you mean? Jalal said look at Todar, I didn’t find any people who were loyal and good before but when I went with you. I knew him, when he came here the government would be good, he also took care of my security, he was a diamond, Jodha said you were right, can I say something, Jalal said yes, he said my father made me learn about politics and war but the best is that fruit It would be good if the seeds would be good if the ground would be good if and if a king was good then the nation would also be good with him, Jalal said you were very good praise, thank you for the saying praise, thank you God is not a poet who will go home.

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Shehnaz thought that I had to go to Jalal’s room to find out about my mother and also I could get a map of treasure, Shehnaz went to Jalal’s room, Todar followed him.
He came to his room but the army stopped him, he thought about how to enter. He patiently entered, told him, Shehnaz went to Jalal’s room from the window, Todar followed him, one tie saw him away and thought why he went like this in the room Jalal.

Jalal and Jodha played chess, Jalal said you played well but why did you not play with real people like Knight, Jodha said I had never played it so I was confused. Jodha said I was sleepy, I would leave, Jalal began to cough, Jodha said, I have said that you will feel cold, Jalal, Jalal says what to do I don’t have Bandhi That this time if you say then I will stay here.

Jodha says what if I say no, Jalal then I will forcefully stay here, he keeps approaching him, Jodha says I will go to court and will complain to the king about you, Jalal says you will complain about me, What you will say, Jodha says I would say that Jalal came in my room and … what did Jalal say? Jodha flushed, Jodha said it was stubborn, said Jalal and told me how to love you, I listened to you in everything, if you said it then I would stay here will leave, Jalal said I wanted to show love but did not force him to you, Jalal said if You want then I will leave, Jodha stopped him holding his hand, (in the main game Ankhon) when they shared an eye lock.

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Jalal approaches him to kiss but the uterus comes and says I will sleep with you today, I want to listen to the story of you, Salima comes and says sorry Jalal, Rahim let me tell your story, Jodha talks with Jalal. Jodha said no, I would tell her story, Jalal made a face like what, Jodha told Rahha the story, Jalal pointed at him to ask him to leave, Jodha said no with his eyes wide open, the uterus said why I scared the width of the eye. Jodha said the devil story, he showed his great eyes to make the queen afraid, I told him, Jalal said now I’m sleepy, the uterus goes and sleeps, the uterus says I have to listen to two more stories, you go and sleep, Jalal makes a sad face for Jodha.


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