Jodha Akbar Monday 4th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.

Jodha Akbar Monday 4th October 2021 Update Zee world Dasiz did a beauty room service, one begum asked about the night, Ruks said it was amazing, we were drunk, we played games and talked a lot and in the morning didn’t bother me he left, Begum said we were jealous of you, Ruks said my ready for Jodha Must know what happened last night.

In Jodha’s room, Jodha after Aarti spreading the smoke in the room, Moti came there, Jodha showed her herbs, she said that I listened to you that’s why she came, what happened among you two? Jodha said to leave here, he left, Ruarans came there and asked how you were, it was a good morning, Jodha said yes, Ruks said I thought you had to sleep because you didn’t sleep last night, you thought you were smart by leaving the harem but your loss of harem and Jalal too. Last night it was beautiful.



Ruk told Jodha that now you understand that Jalal is the only mine, the days and nights are mines, the eyes falling in bed, Jalal is sleeping there, Rukhha Smiles, Jodha smile. He left fuming. Jalal got up and said my head hurt, please close this light, he got water and saw Jodha, he said I dreamed? What you did in the room, Jodha said you were in my room, Jalal said why did you take me here, Jodha said you myself came here last night you were drunk.

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Jodha Akbar Monday 4th October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal was stunned and got up from the bed, Jodha said you wanted to ask me something last night, Jalal asked what I said? Jodha said you said that what I did, you would not find it, Jalal said I wanted to leave, Jodha said to me told me, Jalal thought I should ask him, Jalal was nothing I was drunk, he approached Jodha, he approached his eyes, He leaned back and took a glass of water from the table, they looked at each other, he left, Jodha was seen.

Scene 2.
Jalal was in the Shahi bathtub, Rolls came there, Jalal said please give me a shower and choose my fabric, Ruks said why you didn’t ask Jodha, Jalal said what, Radi said, don’t want to talk to him then go to his room, just go to his room, Jalal said I was drunk only, I went to his room just to ask a few questions, Ruks said you shouldn’t think of things that bothered you, he hugged Jalal and said to think of the beautiful moments of us spent last night.

Scene 3.
Mouli said to Jodha that Hoshiyar was sleeping for three days, he did not answer me, Jodha said I would see it, they came out, Hoshiyar cried, Jodha asked what happened, the problem was, he lost Ammi,

Jodha said I was angry with you, you hid your problem from me, he showed his pendant, Jodha said it was good, he said I came in this world on this worst date, we did not come to men or women, nobody respected us, Jodha said don’t think like life for everyone, you have to love Your life, never said like this again, Jodha gave her bracelet to Hoshiyar as a birthday present, she said you had a golden heart.

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Scene 4.
Ruks was checking the monetary problem, he said there was a lot of corruption in Hiram’s money, Maham said Jodha spent a lot, Jodha came there and said I wanted to apply for your permission, today is Hoshayr’s birthday, we want to celebrate, Ruksu laughs a lot and says you Want to celebrate a birthday of a eunuch, Jodha says so what if he is eunuch, he is also human, they have the right to be happy,

Jodha Akbar Monday 4th October 2021 Update Zee world Ruks said he was the waiter he had to stay in his limit and a lot of money spent, Jodha was not to worry about money, me Will do it alone, Maham says right everything will laugh at you, Ruks says Jalal won’t like it and he definitely doesn’t have time for this stupidity, Jodha says that I will ask permission from Jalal only, he left, Ruks laughed, he laughed, said he wanted to be an angel of the harem and the other side he met someone who was hiding from all, Jalal M Overnogni this is drunk, he said you have to make sure that Jodha continues to meet him and Jalal. continue to humiliate it

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