Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.
Jodha Akbar Saturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal asks Sujamal to come outside the mug, he said okay you will come out alone, Jalal says you still have time if you will burn with this hot water, the army starts pouring hot water, someone screaming from inside.

Jalal said he took him out, soldier Remove humans and Jalal warriors, Atgah asks what you are doing here? He said drew put me inside and escaped. A flashback showed that belled saw Bandhi ran from the kitchen, he said he would tell Jalal that I was hiding in the mug so he fought with one soldier, tied it up, and out in the mug. FB ends. Attach said to Jalal that he would not be able to get out of the palace, Maham grinned.

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Scene 2.
Suja came to Jodha, he said running from here Jalal would kill you, he said I was not afraid to kill, I just wanted to meet you and say goodbye, promised me that you would not tell you, Jodha said but … Suja said you swore at the head, he said he didn’t know when I was going to see you again, Jodha said left, he turned to leave but Jalal.

and the power standing at the door, Jalal said I would meet him before leaving, Jodha said he didn’t punish him he was innocent, Jalal said putting it in prison, The army took Suja, smoke Jalal in Jodha, he came to him. Jalal said I asked you again and again but you remain silent, I have seen you with a man behind the mandir because I have confidence in you that you will tell me one day, you keep lying to me, don’t tell me that you don’t know your heart for me, Jodha thought I could not tell you because of the promise of Suja.

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Jodha Akbar Saturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal said why you were silent, Jodha said I was in tension, Jalal said I was too tense, I thought I had no heart but today said to give you one chance, he said to me the truth of who this man? I respect you your religion, Rajvanshi you are stubborn except Rajvanshi like what he becomes eunuch and comes with Harem just to meet you, you know there are hundreds of wives in the harem but I have never seen them because I don’t feel love but now my heart hurts, this man invited his death because of you, I would kill him in front of you, he said what the reason he didn’t care about his life and came to you, Jalal held

Jodha’s hair tightly and said why did he come here because of his love for him or hatred for me? You allow other men to come to your room but never allow your husband, answer me, he throws Jodha to the wall, Jodha says I don’t know,

Does Jalal say why are you ashamed? You don’t feel embarrassed having an affair and now you can’t tell me, does your father know, I have never made a relationship with you but I have the right to ask who he is when you marry me, you have a man in your heart? Do you push me because of this man?

Jalal says I’m stupid and you’re smart, you come here to attack me, you definitely remember this man all, you pretend well, you drink poison just to win trust, you saved me from the poison because it would kill me in one go but you want to kill me slowly, I’m stupid to show my heart to you and you just saw it to solve it, I think you have a feeling for me but you … I am Hehenshah but I submit to you God, you ask.


the man to this Lord and I always hope that your prayer is fulfilled, you call another man in your room without shame, I subdue in front of you but what you do, I never touched you because I respect you but you don’t respect you … I replied, I will Killing the man just answered me, he punched his walls and fists quickly, Jodha was surprised, he pushed Jodha.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world he said I felt it had answers to all this, for you, for you, for you, for you you like your family just answer, do you know this man, yes or no, Jodha says yes, he will slap him but stop, he asks if you meet him before marriage, Jodha says yes, Jalal throws things, he asks when you know him, he said FR

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