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On this post-Jodha Akbar Saturday 25 September 2021 Update Zee World the Uterus stood up, Salima came to him and asked where Jalal, Rahim said he was busy in Jalal and came to his Salima, he said I wanted to talk to you, said Jalal after some time, said Tansen singing very well, Salima said it was important, Jalal said I asked you to give me time, Salima asked Zakira, he said Jodha went to his room.

Salima found Jodha went to her room and said I wanted to tell you something about Salim, she told everything about how Ruks made Salim drink milk and she was dizzy and she had Tiff and the milk fell on the floor, and it was brown, Salima said we had to hurry To Salim, don’t know what happened to him, fast, Jodha firmly looked at him and said but you took milk to Salim

, Salima was stunned and said what did you do Salim milk? Salima said I didn’t mix anything, I just mixed up in tears, I had seen my eyes that Ruk-Ruk was mixed something and made Salim ‘drink milk, Jodha said I didn’t believe you did this, he told me everything, he said that you mix something in milk and now you say that RUH mixes something.

Ruks comes there and grinning at Salim, Jodha says you accuse each other, I don’t believe this, Salim too, how could you do this with Salim, tell me who is Do this with Salim? Ruks said you know how much I like Salim, Salima accused me, Salima said now that you will blame me, Jodha is enough, don’t blame each other, for me Salim is the most important, it runs from there, the Salima disgust ruksu and leaves too often hit.

On this post Jodha Akbar Saturday 25 September 2021 Update Zee World Doctor checks Salim, Ruks asks if he’s okay? The doctor said he would be fine, I had given him medicine but the opium effect would take the time to come, Jalal came and asked how he was, the doctor said we had made Salim vomiting so that Opium had come out of his stomach, he left, Jalal saw Salima and Ruks

Jalal said you were both special for me and accused each other of this sin but don’t forget that you will be punished so tell me who does this, so my anger will be more, so tell the truth WhO do this, Ruks says Salimnya, he came to sleep well, and he gave milk to Salim, Salima said when I came in the Ruks room made Salim drink milk, Ruks said yes I made it drink because the glass had been placed there but I didn’t know that there was opium in it,

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Hamida said I did not believe that Salima could do something like this, Ruks said you wanted to say this, Ha Mida said this someone gave opium to Salim, who did this, Ruks said Salima … Jalal said enough, there were no more words when Sali M would come in his senses, he would tell him who gave him milk, he would tell the truth, you two left here, Salima was sad and left, Ruks also looked at Jodha sadly.

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Jodha sat beside Sleeping Salim, he prayed to God that why you took my exam related to my son, why every problem was related to Salim when this problem would end, Kahna gave me a problem but protecting my son, he kissed Salim’s forehead.

Hamida said to Gul that I could not sleep until I did not know who gave opium to Sali, Gul said to say that Salima gave him, Hamida said me, my heart said that Salima too, Gul said Ruks also couldn’t do this, you know How he loved Salim. Hamida said he did not know what the truth was, even Salim could not say anything, he did not know about planning at this age.

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