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Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world Sharif people began to fight with one village, Jalal out of the tent to see what had happened, he asked the army to tell Maan to solve their problems, Jalal came into the tent again.

Sharif hiding behind the bushes, he was trapped in Jalal My plan, I will execute my plan, Solider comes to Jalal and tells him that the person who fight has been taken to the Maan tent, Jalal said okay I will come, Jalal out of the tent, the battle people are in the tent, Jalal comes there and asks why you fight, one person said I would tell you.

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I left my cow with this man but when I returned, my cow was gone, when I asked this man, he said that my sap was because it was painful health, Sharif saw them and said the child My fruit is doing their work, they involve Jalal in their conversation, now I will do my job.

Sharif quietly came into Jodha’s tent, Jodha was sleeping, Sharif said after a few days, I could see you, immediately you would belong to me, he woke up Jodha, Jodha saw him and shouted, Jalal listened to the tent and ran, Sharif, tried to Holding.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world Jodha but Jodha drove it, Sharif ran from there, Jalal arrived, Jalal told him that Sharif came here, Jalal said what was not revoked here, he asked Maan to run under him, Maan came in the woods and found Sharif running with horses but Maan caught him and took him from there.

Maan brought Sharif to Jalal and said your criminal was here, Jalal angrily saw Sharif, Sharif said forgive me, Jalal said saluting to your guts, you threw away the wrong eyes to my wife, you hurt my sister, you tried to kill My child, you try to kill my child, you try to kill my child, you try to kill my child, now I will kill you, Jalal raised his sword to kill him, but Jodha stopped him and said remembering that he was Mehtab’s father, Jalal said you were right, Mehtab and Bakshi will punish him, he must catch Sharif, Sharif is taken from there.

Bakshi said to Hamida that what if Sharif tried to kill Mehtab again, Hamida said he had been arrested now, now he could not touch you two, you have to punish him now, Bakshi said I could not move forward to see his face,

Hgamida said you must be strong, You are a wife who is misused, you are a mother whose daughter is only attacked by her father, your father, and mother with you, now a woman who is harassed by her will punish her, forget her, forget him whether your husband is, he is the culprit for you and Mehta, now you have to Set an example by punishing it.

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Sharif was served in court, he all saw Jodha and his family, Jalal said the person lying on the ground was a traitor, he always betrayed me, he tried to kill my son too, I felt like to kill him but Jodha stopped me and made me remember that he was my brother’s husband and criminal, so today he will punish him, he called Bakshi,

Bakshi was held but came in front of Sharif, Jalal asked Baski to punish him, said Bakshi forgive me, I’m your husband, I’m Mehtab’s father, I want to see him, I want to do my metal care, please forgive me, Bakshi remembers how Sharif tried to kill Mehtab, he slapped Sharif Hard,

Bakshi said who was the daughter? Who is your wife? You are dead for me that day when you raise your hand and for Mehtab his father dies when you try to kill him, we all forgive your time, but you never change, you just traitor for me, and it’s better to be a widow but to be a traitor wife, he said.

Jodha Akbar Saturday 2nd October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal you are good at justice and you give him a punishment, Sharif said please forgive me, Jalal said I know you and your father very well, I want to kill you but justice says it’s an eye for the eyes and blood for blood, I won’t kill you, a lot you give pain in my sister, I will give you the pain, you will ask for your death but you will not be given, Jalal’s order to send Sharifnya prison and send his father in a prison cell where the sun can’t B.

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