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Scene 1.
this post-Jodha Akbar Sunday 12th September 2021 Update Zee world In Ankhoon Mein Song Plays, Jalal and Jodha was sitting on the bed, Jalal made Jodha lying in bed, they both lay in bed, Jodha kissed Jalal’s hand, Jalal kissed her hand and then kissed her forehead, almost close, almost close, almost Close, almost … to kiss it on the lips, but Jodha got up, Jalal got up and hugged Jodha, he moved to spend him, Jodha felt intimacy.

Zeenat said to Moti that we must divide the obligation, such as the first Zakira live with Hussain until we rest later we will change the task, through this way, we will rest too, Moti agrees, Zeenat and Moti rest while Zakira is resting in Hussain, after Some time, Zeenat came there and said to Zakira that I had rested, now you go and rest, Zakira agrees and goes from there.

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Ruks asked Hoshiyar about Jalal, Hoshyar said he was fine now, the doctor told the ruks that his health was better, said Ruk, so I would go and meet Hussain, said the doctor, just wait.
Jalal and Jodha Romantulated, Jalal made Jodha lay again on the bed, he moved and kissed him, they slept together. Zeenat grinned to see Hussain, he took poison and made poison Hussain, at that time Moti came there and asked Zeenat to go and rest, Zeenat agreed and came out when the motto sat on duty.

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In the middle of the night, Jodha decided the arms from Jalal and thought that I had to go to Hussain now, he went there.
Jodha came to her room and asked Moti. Whether Hussain created a problem, Moti said no, he slept, why did you come, you are with Jalal, Jodha says yes but my heart is in Hussain so I’m Acme, Jodha sleeps after seeing Hussain.

Scene 2.
Morning, Jodha waking up, Moti said Hussain was sleeping until now, Jodha said she had made sense, she didn’t tease at night and was sleeping well even now, she went to Hussain and turned it to find her in a straight bed and didn’t breathe, she was It was dead, Jodha brought Hussain from the bed and hugged him tightly, he shouted Hussain … Everyone came there because he was worried, Jalal asked what happened, he no longer saw it, Salima and Hamida Hussain, Ruksela came there and Asking what happened, he found Hussain on Jodha’s arm and said why you cried, nothing happened to the doctor, immediately contact a doctor.

Zeenat came to Qasim, he said I had given poison to Hussain, his work was finished, we had to leave now, he packed his bag and said we had to leave Agra before they doubted us, Qasim took his son, Qasim said thanks to Zeenat and said You do my job, I thank you, Zeenat said we would celebrate after that, we have to leave now.

The doctor checked Hussain and said I was sorry, Hussain had died, he was no longer, all broken-hearted, he shouted at the doctor to check again, he talked to Hussain and said he saw Hussain, he was here, he said to Jodha? What you do in my Hussain, I give you a Hussain smile and you kill him, you can’t see me mother so you kill my child, you feel smoke from me, Jodha cries badly.

Scene 3.
Ruks says that this is not God’s decision, you all do it, Jodha and his dasnya, Jalal you ask me to give Hussain to Jodha for some time, now he is no longer, what I will do, he asks Hamida what will happen to him do it, can anyone bring Hussain back? What you say Jalal that Hussain will be given back to you when I will be fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, give me back to me, I beg you, I want to meet him, hug him, he said to Jodha what kind of mother, right, tell me, mother

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