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At Jodha Akbar Sunday September 26 2021.Salima has been taken to prison, all sad to see it, the uterus came to Jodha and touched his feet and said me, what Salama, I asked for forgiveness in his part, Jodha said It’s not your fault.

theuterus says I don’t understand how he can do this, Ruks thinks that Salima is really in my hand now, on my insistence, Salima accuses Salima, now Salima is far from Salim and it’s time for Jodha to leave Salim, I will Creating a misunderstanding between you and Jalal that you will stay busy in solving it.

Jodha comes to Salima, Salima says I know you will come, you will, believe me, he hugs Jodha, and says believe that I never take Salim less than Murad and Rahim, Jodha says that trust is the thing we live if trust is lost So the relationship becomes bitter.

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Salima says you also think that I gave opium to Salim? Jodha said my heart did not accept it but all evidence against you, I did not understand you also a mother, how can you do this with innocent children, Salima said you know how to use words and swords and you know the words are more painful than Sword and today your words really hurt me, you are Mrs.

Salim so you can doubt anyone but let me say that I didn’t give Salim to Salim, Jodha said if this happened then why didn’t you talk infront of the net when he punished You, why don’t you mind the decision.

Salima said I did not give opium but I could not fight my husband, it was sin, remember you also the house was arrested but you were not criminal, the same case with me, will soon come out, if Jalal thought I was a criminal then he would order to kill me but he punishing me to catch this house meant he was not entirely sure that I was terrorist, I had no proof that I was innocent but I knew God did not oppose me, I did not regret this punished but more painful that you also considered me criminal without investigations, but that It’s not your fault, it is your care for your child, Jodha said tell me everything about this problem.

Salima said I just wanted to tell you that what we always saw. Not the truth, tomorrow the truth will come out but this bitter words will be a hatred reason, I don’t want to destroy my relationship with you.

Jodha says if you are not the culprit then a huge mistake to deal with you, said Salima wait tomorrow, Salim is being used In this plan, but I have E Faith on Jalal, I ask you to keep an eye on Salim, he needs you now, Jodha thinks it might be the wrong Ruaran Salima.

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Jodha said to Jalal that I could not believe Salima could do this, Jalal said me too but Salim had given him a statement, todar came there, he said we had a letter for you, it was thrown into the palace.

Jalal asked to read the letter, todar read that Salima gave opium to Salim but the enemies of Salim were no less, there were only many enemies in your palace, you herself wanted to hurt Salim.

Salim would be attacked during the announcement of the heir announcement where Salim had to go in public, Wisher you, Jalal said who is this person? Todar said it could be anyone, many want Salim not to be king, Todar said we could delay this celebration, Jalal said no

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