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.Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021 Jalal asked the army to take the rusk away from here, Hamida said to stop, he said to Jalal that if you were king then I was married/eat, Jalal said let me clear here I am not a son or husband, but I just did justice, Hamida said You can’t catch Mughal’s wife.

The rules, I knew he made a mistake but he just cleaned the point of Salim, he had the right to defend Salim, he said I was marium eating booking to free Ruks, Ruks put hands-on Salim’s shoulder as a guarantee, he came and stood on the royal wife. Jalal said that everything was finished so my decision was that Salim was the culprit, I knew he was intentionally but the old woman had to suffer a lot because of this, the faith of both was that she was herder, she fled with an injury to Qadir than to help her, her third mistake was when she was asked about him lying who was very irresponsible

, Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021  Qadir was everything old woman, he used to do everything old woman so my punishment was that Qadir was fine, he would take place, Qadir, he would do every Qadir work, Prince Salim would be at The place of Qadir, Jodha was surprised, Jalal said Salim would do every job but as an ordinary person, he would not get the help of a kingdom, and I would not meet Salim in this period, Jalal asked the uterus to start preparing to send Salim in the village, he left.

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Salim left the palace, Salim had ordinary clothes, son of Salim Rahim and asked him to do something, he said that you were right hand Jalal, he would listen to you, Rahim said that I could not change the king’s decision, Salim came and Hamida’s arms, Hamida said We will contact you after Qadir is fine, Maan asked SaMM to come, Daniyal said that let me go with him,

Maan said there was no punishment for Salim only, he also stood there, he hugged Jalal and asked him to forgive him begging to stop it, he cries hugging Jalal, Jalal says today you bow to me but never submit to anyone except God, he left, Salim my bow bent to you, please stop me,

Jodha said if you had to bear the punishment then bear it with Élan Not with fear, he hugged him and cried, Ruks asked him to finish Likan himself, Jalal won’t like to see it in this country, he says you are Marium Zamani, tomorrow when Salim will go to war, will you cry like this, Salim will be a relative of G, this is the first war of Salim, sending him with a smile,

Jodha says Marium Zamani can bear this but not a mother, rusks hurt by this little sentence, the uterus comes and takes Salim from Jodha, Salim leaves and thinks that if you ask for a net then he will approve it, stop me once, Jodha thinks that how to stop you,

my child, I can’t do anything, all children crying also include Murad and Haidar (not real or fake), Maan Singh comes to Jalal, Jalal says I know Shekhu Baba will go there to bear the punishment but you and the uterus will Monumented him because the security is important, nothing happened to my child, Maan agreed. Jalal saw Salim go and cried, he was also hurt. Salim finally left.

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The uterus came to the old woman with Salim and said Prince had come, he would stay here, the old woman (Fatima BI) said that I got justice, the prince did not stay here, please take him back, the uterus said I could not do what -What, we have to follow Jalal rules, he will stay here,

Jodha Akbar Thursday 14th October 2021  Fatima calls them, Salim is surprised to see a small hut, Fatima says that we only have one bed, I used to sleep on it and Qadr in bed and now I will Sleep on the floor, Salim was surprised, Salim asked for water, he gave him water in PTo’s mud, Salim threw the pan because of a mistake, rest, the uterus kissed Salim’s forehead and came out, the uterus told the army that you would not help Salim work but

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