Jodha Akbar Thursday 7th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.
Jodha Akbar Thursday 7th October 2021 Update Zee world Jodha feeds Paigoens, he said to Moti that Jalal was angry lately, I thought of asking forgiveness from Jalal about pushing him, Jalal said to Maham that I did not know whether there was trust between us, how could I ask him when he wanted him to hide it. Jodha said to Moti that I would tell Jalal that I had developed feelings for him, Moti said to go and tell him now, Jalal said to Maham that I could not doubt it, but he hid me inside.

In court, Maham told Jalal that Adham won the war and he had come with money, Jalal said we lost their peers and I knew it was still alive so he could attack Malwa so we had to decide Abdullah, smoke Adham, Jalal said I believe I believe in choice Atgah, Abdullah said I would not disappoint you, Jalal said to Adham to see several other states that had war problems, Leave Jalal, Adham was angry and saw Maham.

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Scene 2.
Jodha Akbar Thursday 7th October 2021 Update Zee world Adham’s troops say that Atgah is behind all this and why your mother said nothing, Maham said I had no right to speak in the middle of Jalal, Adham said I won the war, I brought money but they gave services to others, Jalal just follows Atgah. , He said to Maham that Jalal only considers you as a child caretaker, you only your milk so he gives you service, you are just a waiter,

Adham said I was not limited to going, he asked Shahab to make Adham understand, he said Adham Right, Adham said now I am in an open war with Jalal, he said if you are my mother then don’t come in my way, I will not leave Atgah, he runs like a shadow of Jalal, I will kill him, I will kill him, I will kill him,

Maham says me Want to talk to you alone, all leave. Maham said I would not suggest anything I promised you that I would give you the throne of Dehli,

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Adham said that I had to kill Jalal, said Maham without killing him I will win it for you, Adham said I am sick of your time, he said enough now, I don’t believe to you, he left. Maham cried and said I had to seize Dehli’s throne from Jalal and had to give it to Adham, I had to play the game now. He wiped his tears.

Scene 3.
Ruks came to Maham and said I came to give you a surprise about Jalal and Jodha, he said Jalal and Jodha keeping me away, Hoshiyar told me, Maham said he was under Jodha, he was only with Jodha to give me updates, Maham said you were great,

Maham said you said Knowing who Jodha met, Ruks said I didn’t care but just wanted Jodha to continue to meet him so Jalal hesitated, I would surprise you. Maham tells the ruks used by Jodha to meet at night is a Rajvanshi who is in the palace now.

Ruks said it was impossible, how could he enter the palace, Maham said he was in Harem, Ruks said the outsider, a man was in Harem, Maham said the last shock was that he disguised the eunuch and worked under Bakshi, he was deluded, he came For Love Jodah, Ruks said we would tell Jalal, he would throw Jodha,

Maham said he had patience, he said Jodha could say that he did not know him, he said when Jodha would talk to him then we would make him Jalal to see it, would be good to catch His red hand, Ruks asked how you would do that, said Maham so listen to my new plan, he told the planned milled.

Scene 4.
Jodha Akbar Thursday 7th October 2021 Update Zee world Bellawar in Bakshi’s room, he was sleeping, belled thought that Jalal had doubts I had to find that the human instead would not be any point in this risk, Sharif came and said my wife was sleeping, she said she had rested well for me, she asked for a bell To bring his coat, he took him and made him wear it, he said when Bakshi woke up, tell him who came. He goes. Bandhi informed negotiating which was called by Maham.

Maham said to the artist that today is your test, you have to make the porches that I will say to you, he told him Som Etching in mute, Dilawar came there

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