Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world

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Scene 1.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world Jalal stood near the Justice Best Machine, Hamida came there and said I knew you were worried, you came here when you find it difficult to make a decision, I hope this machine will tell you the right thing, Jalal said I have no hope I know what happened.

Shehnaz said Todar raped him and Todar said he lied and he pretended to be angry and Jodha with Shehnaz and he never stood up wrong but I didn’t believe Todar could do this cheap thing, Hamida said I didn’t believe too but All evidence against it, many people saw him made a mistake, Jalal said even Jodha had seen it, Hamdia said only one person could answer you about this, King Jalal, Raja Jalal had taken all the right decisions of Adham, Bakshi or Maham, Your king inside will answer about this problem also just asked him, he left.

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Scene 2.
Morning, all in court, Jalal said that you all listened to yesterday this problem and proof so I wanted to advise you, a priest said that what was told yesterday, it showed that Todar hated Shehnaz, he tried to rape him and now accused him of him, he Don’t have evidence but Jodha opposed it, I feel todar is the culprit, in this case, the punishment is death but the king will decide.

Jalal said it is now ready for the decision because Todar could not prove himself innocent so I announced that he would be hung up Dead, all stunned, todar sad, Jalal said it was the biggest sin to rape a girl so I had to kill him, Jalal asked Aggah to ask his final wishes, Jalal saw him Jodha and leaves. The army took Todar, Shehnaz Smirks and Flashback showed how Todar asked him to say the truth that you were not angry, I would show your real face, I would tell you about you and I believe that you put poison in Turban Jalal, he left, Shehnaz thinks how If he tells about me before that I have to do something.

Scene 3.
Jodha Akbar Tuesday 28th September 2021 Update Zee world Shehnaz Together Maham, Maham said I was impressed how you acted, Shehnaz said I was far from my mission, Maham said you would get a throne, you will get your mother soon but I feel like that you have to leave the palace and go to some safe places, Shehnaz says no , I’m just waiting for my strength to come here, Mahac will come here then we will face Jalal.

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Mahac and Merpati, please say what you are doing here, you have to be with your husband, Mahac says this is just a network my plan and why I was wasted time with the boy, what I wanted from him. That, beg said you’re smart, congratulations you have got the power to fight Jalal, I have brought a prize for you, he didn’t take it, he said I was also waiting for your victory but just saw this gift, he gave a gift, it was a stamp =, He said you would use this stamp when you would be the Queen of Agra, he said very well, this was a motivation, when I would see this stamp, I would be encouraged to attack Jalal, he would say the power of Haiders now yours, Mahac said my strength would be Starting their journey towards Agra to attack him, this power is a storm that will destroy the Mughal Saltant.

Scene 4.
Moti said to Jodha who was grateful to God Shehnaz into justice but I noticed that when Jalal gave Todar’s punishment, his wife stood silent as it had no effect on him, Jodha said correctly, a woman (wife todar) came and said todar was innocent, He did not make any mistakes, I came to see how you feel after doing injustice, Jodha said I knew you were injured but I did what a woman to do, your husband was tired of Shehnaz rape and I said I was here not to apologize, I just want to say that I know


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