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Scene 1

Johda & Akba Monaday 15th November 2021:sharif writes jodha’s name of cell wall and remember her portrait. Soldier comes and says i sent letter to jodha but i dont think she will come. Sharif says she will, as she is rajvanshi and they can take risk of hubby’s life. Jalal’s life is in danger because of mali.

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Scene 2
jodha is confused to what to do, moti says it must be sharif’s conspiracy. Jodha says it maybe but it maybe conspiracy of adham which sharif knows and want to inform us, i have to meet him. Moti ask how? Without jalal’s order how you can meet his culprit? Jodha says i cant take risk of jalal’s life, i dont want anything happens and i regret it later, Shehenshah’s life is of more value than the Shehenshah’s consent, its not important i am meeting his enemy as if there is

any danger on his life then i can meet sharif and i will.
Sharif is waiting in cell, when jodha comes, he ask did anyone know about this meeting? No one knows about this meeting, right? Jodha brushes aside his concerns and gets straight to the point. What did he want to tell her? She is ready to listen. Sharifuddin gets sentimental and broodingly poeticc.

He wanted to talk. He has been alone for a long time now. He is lonely. Now even the bars of his cage refuse to speak to him. Sharif says i have listened important thing and i wanted to tell you. Jodha says i came here for jalal, you are jalal’s sister husband who loves you and you did conspiracy against me, you wanted jalal to kill me, sharif pretends and says i am very sorty for what i did, i know you have no physical relation with jalal.

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Johda & Akba Monaday 15th November 2021:Jodha says why me? Why you didnt send letter to maham or ruks? Sharif says because i knew only you would listen to me. He says abul mali is conspiring against jalal and his one man is here. Jodha says you also conspired against jalal. Sharif i am very sorry about it, i want to prove that i am loyal, adham got one chance then why not me? I want to be out for my love. Jodha says i dont believe you, why you want to be out? Sharif says i want because i love someone alot(pointing jodha), i miss her, i remember her long hair, her soft heart, her voice, i miss her, jodha sees his face he then changes his tone and says i love bakshi alot. He says abul mali is doing big conspiracy, i cant do anything as i am stuck here, only you are the one who can do something. Jodha says i will inform jalal and leaves. Sharif smirks.

Scene 3

jodha is talking to kanha saying i dont know why he did told me only? Why not bakshi? Not ruks or maham? Maybe he thought i can do anything. Jalal never listen to me and after benazir has come our equation has changed. Moti comes and informs that bhagwan das and shivani (jodha’s younger sister) are coming to agra.

In court, soldier informs that das and shivani are coming. Jalal ask to welcome them with respect. They comes and greets jalal. Maan meets them. Mirza sees shivani and smiles. Jodha comes and meets them. Jalal how come you here? Das says was on tour, shivani will stay here for a while.

Jalal says good. Jodha was missing you. Jodha looks at him. He says to jodha you wanted someone from your family here, now happy. Hamida comes and greets shivani. Jalal ask jodha to take shivani with her and take her care. Mirza keep looking at shivani.

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Scene 4
shivani is in jodha’s room, jodha says i cant believe you are here, shivani it was the best time to be here, jodha ask what? shivani says means i got chance to meet you so i am here, she teases jodha that is everything alright jalal was very soft with you, is there any good news? jodha ask oh have you grown up? now you will talk about love and all, shivani says i toke place of sukanya.
shivani is setting the room.

moti says she will do it but shivani says its ok. moti goes, shivani takes out a box in which there is a letter, Shivani reads the letter which says that we love each other but our togetherness is not possible as you are a queen and i am a servant but i have find one way, i am coming mathura’s mandir, you go to your sister’s place, we will escape from there and will marry.

Shivani has fbs that how one day she is on terrace and combing her hairs when comb falls on ground, she ask carpenter to give her comb, he takes the comb and says send your dasi, i will give it to her, he has his head down, shivani ask why you are not looking at me? He says i am a common man and you are a queen, i cant look up at you, she ask to bring the comb, he says he cant as if anybody will see him standing infront of a queen nobody will like it.

Shivani fumes as he didnt follow her orders, she comes down and sees his work on wall and mesmerized. He gives her comb, she ask his name, he says tejavant. She says never says that you are lower, man is higher with his talent and work and your work is beautiful.

Teja looks up at her lovingly. Fb ends. Shivani says that moment love happened. Love doesnt see anything, any boundary and now i can do anything for you.

Scene 5
benazir takes out one snake and other snake falls on ground, he bites benazir and dies, benazir says you didnt have guts to bite me, i am grown up by taking intake of snake’s poison, she gives it to zakira and says throw it, she says take care of other, i will need them to survive.

mirza comes to jalal and informs that i got benazir’s letter from maqsood’s room and remember she is from mali’s palace. Jalal says so what? She can write letter to her mother. Mirza says she can but she is a muslim then why did she used avdi language not urdu, persian etc. Jalal ask to read letter

Johda & Akba Monaday 15th November 2021: Mirza recites without opening it. Jalal says you have learned it. Mirza says it was easy to remember it. Jalal is happy as mirza is taking interest in politics. He takes letter and says i will inquire about it to benazir.

Precap- jodha says to jalal that your life is in danger, conspiracy is being done on you, benazir ask zakira whether jalal has a doubt? He thats the case then i will not wait for another chance and will kill him right now.


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