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Johda & Akba Sunday 14th November 2021: .Jalal struggled in the war against the KURB. Voice Over said that the war was not easy, war to protect the Jalal family, his belief. Jalal was shown to fight with Great Valor, he finally over the power of the KURB, placing a sword on his neck, the Kurbal asked him to kill him, Jalal said my intention was not to kill you but to do friendship with you, he asked the army to bring him the theme, the KURb would attack Jalal Again, Jalal left and put the sword to him, he said you want to kill me? Your friend? Only for a huddy king and don’t want to let people free, you want to kill me, then kill me, he gave a sword to him, Maan asked what you did, Jalal said no one would come between him, the Kursi tried to hit Jalal with a sword but stop, he said I didn’t understand why

I can’t kill you, also I don’t understand why you are against Muslims, Jalal says we all have God in our hearts, that’s why you can’t kill me and I’m not against Muslims, I offer prayers, I am against people who are forcing People to accept Islam, this is the sin itself and I oppose it, I have never opposed Islam, I submit to God every day, I just want to be your friend, the Kurb sits on his feet and says I am wrong, now I realize that I am part From sin, you have saved me from committing sin, now I am with you all by my heart, my government is also yours, Jalal makes it stand up and say I don’t need your land, or the government, I don’t need to just want your hand friendship, he embraces KURB, both smile.


Johda & Akba Sunday 14th November 2021:Jodha said to Salima that I wanted to see Hamida once, she was sick during the day, Ruks said what if after seeing you she got another heart attack? You want to jalal to see Hamida’s dead face, Jodha said don’t say like this, Ruks said then don’t go in front of him, Salima said he cared for Hamida, Ruks said I also cared for him not to think of infront of him, he wasn’t like Jodha’s face , Ruks left, Salima said you wanted to see Hamida, I would take you.

Scene 2.
Hamida came to Salima with a tie, the tie was Jodha, he was in a veil, Hamida said to the Salima who often came, I felt alone in this room, Jodha came here like a daughter, became her duty as a princess, Salima asked her to eat, Hamida said I was worried about Jalal and the army, today is a big war, do not know what happened, many soldiers will die, hoping whether Jodha turned his religion, many soldiers would live there Jodha began to leave but Ruks stopped it, Jodha became Tense, Ruks ordered him to bring something that thought he was a tie, Jodha was relieved and left.

Jalal said to his army that we respect every nation, we have proven that we can fight, he said to the Fazal who sent a letter to King Irans that they were strong enough to attack Iran but they did not want to fight peacefully but if someone disturbed our internal problems then We will answer it, he said we will go to Agra soon, Jalal said that with our victory, we will have a great celebration in Agra and I will announce Salim as the next king, Salim Smiles, Smoke Murad, Daniyal said to murad that Jalal did not do The right thing, Murad said I was just a servant of Jalal. Salim thought that my anchali would come back, this time I will throw away Ghungroos from your feet and will make you wear a crown to be my queen..

Scene 3.

Johda & Akba Sunday14th November 2021:Voice Over said that inpalace, the message of Jalal’s victory did not reach while Livside Jalal was heading towards Agra. Hamida’s health drops. Gul comes to Jodha, Jodha asks how Hamida? Gul said he didn’t eat so how would he be fine, Jodha said I w

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