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Johda & Akba Saturday 12th November 2021:Salu Aarives in the Jalu n Jalu tent offered Himdrink, he was hesitant at first but Jalu insisted, Saru said that he was very loving Jodha that’s why he declared war, Jalu stepped up even though he loved Jodha, not because of that love for belief, he made an appointment While marrying him this is to keep the promise, greetings understand, he saw the wound in his hand thinking like him.

Johda & Akba Saturday 12th November 2021:The next scene, Hamida did not realize, Doc said he got surprised, all began breaking into Jodha, Doc said he did not give stress, all came out n starting to bombard Jodha with all the charges, and asked him to leave without listening to his side.

The other side, Maan & Raim came to Jalu and told him about their progress in war and Jalu told them about their next steps so they celebrated their success.

In Agra, everything around Hamida, Jodha also sat near his legs, soon he got sadness, he did not want to see Jodha, all asked him to leave before affect Hamida’s health, Jodha left with a heavy heart.

During the war, greetings HEPS Murad but he was rude to him, the fight was ongoing, Saru made L’Il hurt, Jalu immediately came to help him, there Hamida woke up n said it for his children and he would not eat anything they returned to save n sound . There are todarmal n Birbal worry for Hamida’s current imperial situation.

Johda & Akba Saturday 12th November 2021:The next scene, Jodha was upset ncrying considering his wonderful memories with Hamida N disappeared and they were missing Jodha.

Precap: Jalu will soon be back, the other side, Jodha’s Ruqu.




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