Johda & Akba Saturday 27th November 2021

Johda & Akba friday 5th November 2021
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Johda & Akba Saturday 27th November 2021:jodha and moti are in room. Sharif is looking in. moti says forgive me jodha I didn’t want to annoy you sharif says where did she come from. He hides beneath. Moti gives jodha water and says you will feel better. Jodha says nothing worries me now I have lost love of my hubby. I have lost the one I love, I have no worries. she recalls the servant telling her that kahibar is hitting his head against the wall.

Jodha says I will stay what u want. I cou;ldn;t see a bird being hunted khaibar is still a human. She stands up. moti asks where are you going ? Jodha do fulfill my responsibly. Moti says not this time please. Jodha leaves.

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Adham khan says if her gets some sold proof he will be hanged. I think we should help him, Maham says you know what will happen later.

He sasy our ways are same we can use him at least. Maham says fully insane is better than half sane. he says you have become the minister ammi jaan. maham says listen to me if you hin there is just one way to get your mission. you are wrong.

Adham says you know what’s the hurdle in our success ? its your love for jalal. Adham’s wife comes there and says come I will show you my eid gifts. Adham says she is the second problem in my life that you got me stuck with. She starts weeping.

Atifa is going somewhere at night her husband stops her right there. She is scared first but some soldiers come to protect her. She smiles. She says its time for prayer and leaves. Her husband is helpless. he leaves ferocious.

jodha is out in dark. jalal, hamida and everyone is praying. Jala says give me what I wish for. Atifa says give me what I want lord. Atifa’s husband says make me successful in my mission.
hamida says please keep jalal and jodha happy God.

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Johda & Akba Saturday 27th November 2021:jodha recalls hamida saying this night all the prayers get accepted. God listens to all the ones that are in trouble. jodha says there is nothing evil in my heart. You don’t even know what you have done wrong. This is wrong to punish you for nothing. pardon shahenshah for his mistake. She starts chanting his name inside the dungeon. Khaibar says yesss, yess jodha. he is crying. Jodha says yes I am jodha you got to know my name. I am here to set you at large.

Jodha tries to take the first grill and throws in a rope. She says hold it pull yourself up. Before the prayers get over he has to run. He says hurry up, come one. Khaibar hauls himself our. He looks at the sky and laughs with joy. Jodha says no one comprehends you no one loves you. Khaibar run away from here. Go that far that no one can reach you. Wherever you go pray for my husband. whatever happens my husband will the greatest man ever for me. she says that men are coming here run away. He stands firm and touches jodha’s face. Joha pushes his hand away and says go khaibar. He wanders forwards and turns back to look at her.

Jodha recalls jalal saying you used my power against me. yes I love atifa. My mistake was that I loved you. I gave you everything but I think you are not of that worth. Jodha says when jalal doesn’t love me any more there is nothing to live for. I will jump in the well and kill myself. She is about to jump khaibar stops her.

she says leave me why you saved me ? Jodha says there are two more lives attached with me I can’t kill them before coming in this world. Tears stream down her face. Khaibar swipes her tears. Jodha says what are you doing run away from here. He holds jodha’s hand and take her on his shoulder. jodha says what are you doing khaibar leave me.

Atifa comes to jalal’s room. Jalal wonders where is jodha ? hamida aks salima where is jodha ? I asked her to come here. jalal asks ruks. She says I don’t know where is she ? He says why don’t you know ? I asked you to take care of her. Ruks says wow you are so generous shaheneshah she disrespected you in front of all the people and denied your order still you care.

He says that’s not the answer of my question. You know she is pregnant you have to be with her. Ruks says don’t worry she must be in her room. Maybe she doesn’t wanna see whats going on between you and atifa. jalal is shocked. Don’t be dazed there are ears of walls too and i know what happens inside our haram.

jodha says where are you taking me kahibar. Leave me, he sees some men coming hides behind bushes with jodha. The soldiers see him and say there he is on that cliff. Jodha has fainted. Kahibar lays her on the ground a soldier comes. kahaibar beats him down.

Johda & Akba Saturday 27th November 2021:jalal’s man comes to him. Jalal asks what happened ? Adka says there is a trouble. Jalal says what is it ? The soldier says that khaibar abducted jodha begum once again. Jalal stands up in anger and says how he got out of his prison and went to jodha ? The soldier says jodha begum came there herself and perhaps she released him out of mercy.

Precap-jodha is running from khaibar in the jungle. His face is black and he chases her.


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