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Johda & Akba Thursday 10th November 2021: Hamida came to Jalal and Jodha, he kissed their heads, Hamida brought gifts, royal turban and crown for them and made them wear it, everyone opposed the longevity of Jalal and Jodha smiled and saw him Jalal and made his face. Atgah got up and said Bharmal had gave you elephants and other animals, Meenavati also sent a gift.

Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 9 November 2021 Zee World
Shehnaz roaming and thought that all was busy celebrating, I could finish my work left because Gul Babdan Begum that day, he came in his room and saw something in the Humayun biography, he said I had to find something for my job done, he closed it and said me Must leave before someone saw me, he came out of the room. Moti came there and asked where did you leave? Shehnaz said I would go to the roof. Moti said don’t be sad I’ll make you see the celebration. Shehnaz said Jalal would be angry, Moti said we would not celebrate but I would make you see it, Shehnaz thought that I had a nice chance but this was Moti Bai.

Hamida said Jalal all Mughal rituals were carried out, it was time for Rajvanshi’s ritual, he asked what it was, Hamida said it was a magic eye game, Jodha laughed. Hamida asked them to come, they wake up and go somewhere, Jalal whispers Jodha that you smile see me, whether you are angry, Jodha says no, but I am angry with your thinking about Shehnaz, I don’t have personal hostility but I No wish to be injured by him, Jodha said he did not do it intentionally, Jalal said I knew but remember what he did with the uterus.

We must be careful with children, Hamida turns around and asks what you suggest related to children? Jalal said nothing, Jodha knew about children better, Hamida said how he could know without being a mother when he would be the mother he would know, Jalal smiled while Jodha was shy.

Theycame for rituals, Hamida gave them a bowl full of milk and rose petals, he said found magic eyes in it, Jalal and Jodha tried to find, Jalal would be naughty and holding Jodha’s hand in a bowl, Jodha was stunned but couldn’t say anything in front Anyone, Hamida said I listened to Krishna Ji used to like this game, Salima said Jodha you had to win, Jodha saw Jalal and begged to leave his hand, Jalal made Jodha win, Hamida said well and asked him to make a wish, Jodha said Yes, but Jalal said I would make a request with him, Hamida said I had hoped that Soon Jodha gave a young brother to the uterus to play with him, Jodha was stunned.

Ruks asked for a tie to bring a doctor and not allow anyone to enter. The doctor came, Ruks asked him to sit down. Maham along with several judges (doctors), he said I tried everything in the patient but he did not recover, Doc said every disease had treatment, I would see the patient and then tell you, he went to examine it, Maham said you have to be fine at any cost so I reached my destination

.Atgah told Jalal that some lay people wanted to congratulate you, they came and praised Jalal Jodha, they said we hope your desire to be fulfilled, dancers dancing and praising Jalal on Song Jai Ho. Jalal asked Jodha to approach, he said he said you did not listen or wanted me to know hard about my love, Jodha approached, Jalal was also close. Jalal whispered to Jodha that we had to talk about children tonight, Jodha looked at him and Slasi why you called me closed, Jalal said it was a very important problem, Jodha angrily looked at him and would go far but he would go trapped below Jalal’s elbow, Jalal said look at your dupattle also in the atmosphere of his worries, Jodha was silent.


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