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Johda & Akba Tuesday 26th October 2021:Jalal says to be akham that I will not take your position or won’t kill you, but let me tell you that you lose your child today, a child who uses to believe you after God, it is my mistake that I lost my father first from Khan.

Baba and now mom, I always thought that you saved me from the problem as a mother but you did it for your position, I thought you wanted to see me as Shehensah but you want that to your position, you want to be the strongest minister, want to Taking the position of this marium,

Jalal said the mother loves her child is not jealous of HIMJ, today you prove that you only servant not my mother, I’m sad that I lost my mother I don’t know whether you or not, you will have everything but your child is missing , Thankyou to seize my biggest happiness, jalal leaves

cry. Maham shivered thinking what he did, he lost his child, he remembered he was raised for Jalal, he was Jalal Blabbers not my child?
All the bug gossiped that was maham know that the negotiable was Sujamal, all got to know that maham was sepreded Jalal and Jodha.

Salima said for Hamida that Maham was behind all this, Hamida said he knew Jodha’s love even than he did it, he said for the Salima Jalal had to worry because he lost his mother, he listened to you so you had to go to him to share his taste He hurt and sadness, Salima said the way you want, he left.

Ruks came to Jalal and said I listened … Jalal said you listened right that I broke my relationship with Maham Anga, I would not call her mother, since I was little I shared everything I was with her, I thought the milk relationship was stronger than blood relations but He cut this thread, why did he do it with Jodha,

Jodha came in my life and he began to be afraid of him, why he did it, I felt like it was a dream and it had to end, I was broken and I couldn’t handle myself, Ruks cried and Sorry sorry, Jalal asked why? he said the last day I came to know that bellawar was a Rajvanshi,

Johda & Akba Tuesday 26th October 2021:Jalal angry facing him, Ruks said he didn’t know that he was Sujamal, he said he would catch him thats me by his side, Jalal throws away, Ruks sat on his leg and said I just jealous thats Jodha why I believe in Maham I didn’t know he planned a big match, turned Jalal and saw the salima there, he saw the salima how my own people hurt me, I don’t need my own enemy enough.

Jalal said so what did I not hurt, I can’t hurt? Salima asked for her name? He said Jalaluddin, he said he didn’t Shehenshah Jalaluddin, he said you’re ideal for many people, the nation of your upto appearance, you don’t have to rest like this, and if

Jodha will be there he will say the same, Jalal says why is he not here? Salima said Jodha would take the time to reduce her anger then she would definitely come to share your pain until you have to do what

Jodha would advise you if he was here, Jalal said you were right I would make a decision against tomorrow Shehenshah, he left . Ruks says what will he do to be advanced? Salima said I didn’t know but I knew this was a painful night for Jalal, she left. Ruks is teary.

Adham came resham and asked where was a magnitude, he came and saw Maham sitting on the ground in the corner of the room, he asked what happened, Maham said everything would be good, I was nothing missing, I had my position, Adham said what What happened why you were disappointed,

Johda & Akba Tuesday 26th October 2021:Maham said Jalal said that I did not Ammi, I said to him that he was not my child, how did I say that, how could he break the relationship with me, Adham said I told you that Jalal thought you were a servant mere, you give attention to him infront of me, but you never listen, you still cry for hi

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