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Johda & Akba Tuesday 30th November 2021:jodha says to thugs to not touch her, one thug says that decide if you want to fill our thirst or want to fill hunger of wild animals in jungle, all surround jodha, one goon pushes jodha, she falls on ground, one goon is about to touch her when khaibar comes and beats him, he beats all of them and throws them in lake while some of them runs from there, khaibar looks at jodha, jodha says thanks for saving my life again but i.. khaibar angrily leaves from there, jodha thinks that i should be with him otherwise any other goon can catch me, i should go with khaibar, she stops khaibar and says i will come with you, he looks at her, she says now i will not run, i am coming with you on my own, khaibar shouts at her.in palace, ruks meets atifa and ask where is she going, atifa says i am going to tansen to practice singing, ruks says there are many problems here and you are practicing singing, atifa says sorry to ask but do you know about jalal, ruks says look girl, i accept that jalal kinda like you but don’t forget your status, there are many dasies and wives here whom jalal slightly like but there are many who wants jalal to look at them and there are many whom jalal once liked and now has forgotten so its your luck that till now you are in this palace so be in your limit, don’t go out from this harem without my permission, atifa in tears goes from there.

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Johda & Akba Tuesday 30th November 2021:jodha says to thugs to not touch her, one thug says that decide if you want to fill our thirst or want to fill hunger of wild animals in jungle, all surround jodha, one goon pushes jodha, she falls on ground, one goon is about

jalal in jungle is looking at jodha’s clothes and is angy, maan ask munim to go to jalal and give him food, munim comes to jalal and ask him to have food, jalal says i wont eat till i.

jalal becomes silent, munim comes to maan and says i am worried for jalal, hope he finds jodha and doesn’t become angry on her, jalal sits on his horse and starts riding while all soldiers follow him.
jodha and khabuar are walking in jungle, jodha says i feel like there is some village there, she is about to go when khaibar stops her, jodha says that now i will not run leaving you as i promised, i am going there as i am hungry, we will find some food there, jodha says whom i am talking, he doesn’t understand anything, khaibar holds jodha and ties her with tree, jodha says i wont run, why are tying me, she is frustrated as he doesn’t understand anything, khaibar goes towards village, jodha ask him to stop but he doesn’t. jodha thinks why is he going to village as he runs away from humans.
khaibar comes to village where people are busy making food, they are shocked to see him and runs, khaibar sees they are cooking parsad and takes whole parsad with him, people are worried who to stop him. in jungle one kid sees jodha tied with tree, he comes to her and ask did a bad man tied you?.

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jodha says no i lost the way, in village, people says jalal’s soldiers told us about this beast, they say where is jodha? the kid comes and says he saw a women in jungle, people says so this is the beast who kidnapped jodha, they say we will beat him and will get the reward, they all starts throwing stones at khaibar but khaibar is walking to jodha with food and they all keep beating, he gets injured, jodha comes there and is shocked to see khaibar coming to her while people beating him with stones, jodha recalls how he had put mud on her wound earlier, how he saved her 1st time then how in jungle how he brought food for her, how he beat the goons for her, jodha says now i understand why he saved me all the time, he loves me, how can you do that khaibar, i am of someone else, jodha comes there and comes infront of khaibar, she ask all village people to stop, she ask khaibar to not do anything, jodha says to people that if you want to kill him then you have to go from me, she says to people that khaibar didn’t hurt me but people want to kill khiabar, jodha says to khaibar that we should run from here as they wont understand, till i am with you nobody can hurt you, she holds his hand and runs from there.

jalal comes in same village, people say that we captured that beast but jodha saved him and ran from here, jalal ask where they ran away, they show him the way, jalal says now i will surround him and will kill him, all follows jalal, jodha and khaibar are running while village people and jalal forces are coming there, jodha and khaibar come to end of mountain, khaibar is angry where to go, jodha sees his wounds and wipes his blood with her cloth, khaibar looks at her and is about to touch her,

Johda & Akba Tuesday 30th November 2021:jodha says stop, i know you are good human but you cant kidnap a women who is married and becoming mother, you go from here otherwise they will kill you, jalal comes there beneath the mountain and sees jodha and khaibar standing at the cliff, he says jodha begum, i have come, jodha is beyond happy to see him and says i am here jalal, she is about to go to him but khaibar stops her, jodha says let me go khaibar, i know you are a good human, i love jalal only, he is my husband so let me go to him please khaibar, khaibar nods in no, jalal throws an arrow at khaibar, khaibar falls on ground as it hurt at his foot, jodha says stop, don’t kill him, i will tell you everything, jodha starts going down the cliff, jalal says i am coming jodha, jodha is going down the cliff but loses her balance and falls, she is falling down the mountain, jalal says jodha i am coming wait, jalal says don’t worry i am coming down to save you, jalal ask to bring rope, munim brings rope, jalal ties rope with tree and hold other end in his hand and starts coming down the mountain, jodha sees khaibar also coming down the mountain, they both extend their hands to jodha to save her, jalal angrily looks at khaibar, jodha looks at jalal and tries to take his hand..

khaibar is shocked as jodha gives her hand to jalal, jalal pulls her up with difficulty, jodha holds jalal and looks at khaibar, one stone falls at jodha and she loses her balance to jalal and starts falling from mountain but kahibar holds her hand and saves her from falling down, jalal comes down to hold jodha, khaibar gives jodha’s hand to jalal, jalal holds jodha, jodha looks at khaibar, jalal takes up and comes to cliff, jalal and jodha sadly and angrily looks at each other, jodha then looks at khaibar, khaibar says jodha. jodha ask him to come up but khaibar himself leaves his hand and falls down the mountain, jalal and jodha are stunned as khaibar dies.

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Johda & Akba Tuesday 30th November 2021:PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that i know i did the mistake but my intention wasn’t wrong, if i hurt your heart than forgive me, jalal says every mistake doesn’t have forgiveness, you know because of you, people are gossiping khaibar killed my many soldiers so isn’t it injustice to their families, that khaibar killed many village people isn’t it injustice? and i hold you responsible for all this so tell me this sin have forgiveness?


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