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Scene 1.

Johda & Akba Tuesday 8th November 2021:Ruks crying in his room, Hoshyar said why did you take the Jodha team, Hamida was angry at you, be careful next time, Ruk-Ruk began to laugh out loudly, he said Hoshiyar when you won’t waste my tears, this is my plan. , I took the Jodha side so he thought I was fine and the other he had to bear the Wrath of Hamida, now I will expand their cracks, I will make them so far away so Jodha will not be able to fill the gap between him and Hamida. Always and one by one I will make everyone away from Jodha and then he has to leave this palace, he laughs.

Salim distributed his sword, he remembered how Jalal said when he would fall in love so he would tell Jalal language, he said how to tell Jalal that I also fell in love, you were lucky Jalal

Have your love letter but I don’t have it, he remembers how Anarkali said to him that if you miss me then burn leaves, you will feel my presence, said Salim to him that I will miss you every minute but you will miss me. Flashback ended, Salim said the wind went and told Anar that I missed him every second, he left with me but in my heart. Another Anarkali also burned leaves too, he said I would never be able to say that I love you a lot of Salim, your love is in my fate, but you are not in my fate.

In the morning, Jalal and enemy troops came in the field of war, Jalal said to the Army teacher who left the weapon and came to our side against Iran, said the teacher, are you afraid of us? Jalal said I would tell the power of Mughal Saltanat, he told the army that this war was not for land but for values, for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for freedom of thought, he decided to attack each other. .

Scene 2.
Jodha prayed to Kahna to protect his family members in the war, he said this was a war between good and bad, the road in Mahabharat you showed the way to Arjun, the same way showed the path to Jalal and sons and sons. B

the wind, the mandir will blow, Jodha saved him and asked Moti to close the window.
Gul said to Hamida that the storm will come, Hamida said I did not feel good, something bad would happen, he prayed for the safety of his son.

War happened, Jalal, Murad, the uterus all struggled, Rahim told Jalal that the enemy strength was getting stronger than us, Jalal said, but our moral was high, someone would attack Salim, Salim, thank you, Murad said you saved my life before in war , now I do the same thing, it’s the same now, Jalal smiles seeing this and saying to Maan that the mission I carry, they protect, they protect each other.

Hamida meets the ambassador to Iran and asks that this war is stopped in any way? The Ambassador said that if Jodha changed religion, the war would stop but now Jalal has announced war so that Iran must give an answer, Hamida said many will be killed in the war, he said I could not stop Jalal, Ambassador Change Jodha’s relationship? Hamida said if I can change Jodha’s relationship, then will this war stop? The ambassador said if he accepted Islam then we would do his best to stop the war, Hamida thought.

Johda & Akba Tuesday 8th November 2021:Todar told Birbal, should we notify Jodha? Birbal Seasy if Jalal is not here then Jodha must be told, Jodha comes there and asks what the problem is?Birbal said Saltanat in the problem, Hamida had met Iranian ambassador, they were our enemies, and if he said something to them then it would be a problem for us, this opposed the rules too, he also wrote a letter to the king of Iran too, read, Jodha reading letters, Hamida wrote that I was sad that Jalal had opposed you people, our relationship was Strange

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