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Johda & Akba Wednesday 27th October 2021 :Salim hugged Jalal, Jalal asked him to sit with him, they sat together, Jalal asked Salim Do you like someone? Salim nodded yes and said I really like a girl, Jalal said wow, said his name

Salim said some words but I had seen it in his function, he was wearing a jewelry on the head that had peacock feathers, Jalal asked, should I talk to him? Salim said no, he didn’t like me, he hated me,

Jalal said it was interesting, you know your mother to hate me even after getting married but I turn it into love, I will tell you what you love, I’m with you, I’ll tell you how to change her hatred in love with you , Salim Smiles, Jalal asked him to rest, he made him lying in bed, Salim said, don’t say Jodha I drink, said Jalal. I promised me

Will not tell Jodha anything, don’t worry, just sleep, sleep Salim, Jalal smiled and covered it with a blanket, he slept in his room too.
In the morning, Salim woke up, he called for the waiter to give him water, Jalal came with water, Salim was surprised to see it and said your king, Jalal asked him to drink water first

Johda & Akba Wednesday 27th October 2021 :Salim was afraid, Jalal asked Salim, you know what you did last night? You drink wine, Jalal shows him to the daughters and says now your punishment that you will marry a girl who Jodha will choose, Salim says you know it’s not my fault, I say that someone spoils your drink, said Jalal but who is will calm your mother

Salim says you say that you will handle everything, Jalal says I’m a king, I forgot what I said at night, I could do anything, Jodha came and said Salim you decided for who you were going to get married,

Jodha say you will handle Salim, Salim whispered in Jalal’s ears not to tell Jodha about his drink, Jalal said to Jodha that I had decided that we would not force Salim to get married, this was his life and he would force anyone him,

Jodha Say OK, if you say that I will not force him also who can speak in infront of you too, Jodha comes to Salim and said to Salim that today you are saved but soon you have to get married, Jodha tells you to drink wine? The smell came from you, Jalal said there was no one I drank wine instead of him,

Jodha said OK, I just wanted Salim not to drink, he left, Salim said I’m sorry you have to lie to me, Jalal said I could do anything for you , my child, I promise you, you will marry Gilr from your choice, no one will show it, you are always happy, they embrace, Salim Smiles.

Anarkali will go from the palace, Murad and Daniyal see it and say he is the same as what Salim likes, he wore the same jewelry, the choice of Salim is very beautiful, Murad asks for a tie to carry paper and pen what do you do? Murad said just a little pleasure.
Mann asked

Anarkali to accompany him in the ceremony of Maan Singh, he said how I could come, the tie came there and gave a letter to Anarkali, he read the letter that I was dead by your beauty, you were unique and I would start loving you, I would wait for you In my camp, from King Salim, Mann asked Anarkali to come, otherwise he would complain to the Queen,

Anarkali said I would come, he thought of Salim tight first.
Qutub asks Salim until when I have to wear your crown, today is a function of Maan, I can’t use it now, Qutubn asked him to take his crown, Salim said ok don’t worry, he would take it but Anarkali came there and said Prince Salim,

Johda & Akba Wednesday 27th October 2021 :they were stunned Seeing it, Sshe looked at them, he came to them and said to Qutub that you were a heir, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything, how dare you call me, I don’t know I know and I don’t want to know then how dare you call me , What is wrong with you

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