King Of Heart 2 Teasers – March 2022

King of Heart On Zee World Monday 28th March 2022
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Showing On king Of heart March 2022 On Zee World

we apologize for being inconsistent to bring to you march teasers from day one

due to some irregularities here are the rest of the teasers for the month of march

King Of Heart 2 Teasers- March 2022

Wednesday 9th March 2022

Episode 39

Satya seeing Dhruv giving kisses on phone. He is doubtful. Dhruv turns and is shocked to see Satya standing. He lies to him saying he was kissing his friend’s daughter who is so cute. Satya agrees.

Thursday 10th March 2022

Episode 40

Satya leaves from there. Payal smirks. Mahi goes following Satya, and sees him left on bike. She tells Mahi that Satya’s face resembles with that of Siddharth Khurana and she doubtful about his identity.

Friday 11th march 2022

Episode 41

Satya getting emotional about his relation with Gangu Tai after knowing the truth. Mahi tries to console him and says Gangu tai will always be his mum. Satya says one more name is added to my identity now, and says Siddharth Khurana…I read the name in this diary, says this is my Baba’s name and have deep relation with him, which didn’t end with his death also.

Saturday 12th March 2022

Episode 42

Satya seeing Dhruv with Sunaina. He asks him who is she? Sunaina gets a message and tells Satya that she is Dhruv’s doctor and came to treat him. Dhruv says she is his physiotherapist.

Sunday 13th March 2022

Episode 43

Dhruv coming to Mahi’s room and touches her head with lust, while staring her. Mahi gets up. Dhruv escapes. Mahi thinks Satya is sleeping and thinks who touched her then. She thinks about Dhruv and then thinks it is just her misunderstanding.

Monday !4th March 2022

Episode 44

Sunaina coming home wearing veil on her head. She takes Dhruv inside. Mitul thinks where is she? Dhruv asks who is she? Sunaina lifts her ghunghat and says she is pregnant with his child.

Tuesday 15th March 2022

Episode 45

Gangu Tai knocking on the door and breaks open the door. She comes inside and takes the gun in her hand

Wednesday 16th March 2022

Episode 46

Judge is about to give his verdict on Dhruv’s murder case. Gangu Tai comes there and says I am the murderer. Satya says Aayi. Mahi asks what are you saying? Payal in burqa looks on shocked as her plan have failed.

Thursday 17th March 2022

Episode 47

Satya and Mahi talking to bullet dealer Javed Bhai. He tells that he has seen the woman’s face who had bought bullet from him. Mahi says this means that woman was in our house that day.

Friday 18th March 2022

Episode 48

Satya and Mahi’s car stopped at the check post. Satya thinks it seems we will not reach on time. Inspector tells him that a criminal ran away from jail and asks him to open car decky.

Saturday 19th March 2022

Episode 49

Payal talking to someone and says my daughter and son in law wants to meet you also. She thinks once I make them face to face, and will see the big blast. She looks at Mahi and Satya’s pic and says Karanveer, get ready to meet your past.

Sunday 20th March 2022

Episode 50

Payal giving money to Khan and Romana. Khan says we were thinking after Mahi and Satya go away from your life, then can you let us stay with you. We won’t give you a chance to complain.

Monday 21st March 2022

Episode 51

Khan blackmailing Satya and putting forth the deal infront of Satya either to save his wife Mahi or Bua Krutika. Satya says you can’t do this, Mahi is my life and Bua is my family. Khan says you have two choices and a night, think. Satya goes.

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Episode 52

Satya telling everyone that this is the bomb, but will not explode. Payal is tensed. Satya says some cheap people uses such things to harm others, to hide their weakness. He says one such person is Payal Sen Gupta.

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Episode 53

Satya saves Shabnam’s lookalike. Inspector comes there and says she is mad, and thinks her husband will come, and then goons follow her.

Thursday 24th March 2022

Episode 54

Krutika begging infront of her saas not to leave. Her saas agrees and asks her to tell Satya not to misbehave with her. Kareena asks Satya to blow on her injured finger.

Friday 25th March 2022

Episode 55

Krutika’s mum in law asking the person about his motive. He throws the glass angrily. Mum in law says I will not question you again and knows my value.

Saturday 26th March 2022

Episode 56

Mum in law hearing Satya’s phone conversation and thinks to divert his mind and do something. She comes to them and says she is not bad as they think.

Sunday 27th March 2022

Episode 57

Krutika reading Satya’s letter that he can’t see his bahu’s insult and will leave the house.

Monday 28th March 2022

Episode 58

Mum in law going to meet Boss. Satya says I know that she will go and meet him.

Tuesday 29th March 2022

Episode 59

Kareena watching TV and gets happy seeing wedding card of her with Nishant. She gets happy and thinks to go downstairs and see him.

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Episode 60

Kareena telling Mum in law that their plan is a success now and nobody will know about their plan. She asks her to drink some wine. Mum in law says thank you boss.

Thursday 31st March 2022

Episode 61

Satya pushing Kareena and asks her to stop getting closer to him, else he will leave her. Kareena says sorry. Satya looks at Mahi and goes. Kareena thinks I won’t let you win Satya and will take revenge of my mum. Mum in law tells Mahi that Satya is slipping from her hands. Mahi tells her that Satya belongs to her only.




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