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King of Heart Friday 25th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Krutika’s mum in regulation getting some information about his thought process. He tosses the glass furiously. Mum in regulation says I won’t address you again and knows my worth. Satya comes there. She slams into him and her telephone tumbles down. She admonishes him. Satya requests that she keep it. He has a go at clarifying Krutika that it was anything but a mishap, however at that point figures she won’t accept. He says Mahi isn’t awful. Krutika says how might fire broke out from water.

Mum in regulation comes there and says it is your intrigue, I know. He asks her not to detonate and says bomb detonates and closes itself in Diwali. Krutika requests that he control himself. Satya says I keep calm as a result of you. Later Kareena tosses wafer close to Mum in regulation. Mum in regulation gets terrified and yells. She pursues Kareena and slaps her. Kareena says I was simply observing Diwali. Mum in regulation requests that she observe Diwali outside the house, and says I will show you out. Satya comes there and asks what was the deal?

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Kareena says she consumed saltine to make her swaha. Satya says I didn’t really intend that. Mum in regulation attempts to show her out of house. Satya says it is sufficient, says it is my home, my aayi and baba’s home, I will conclude who win stay here. Mum in regulation tells that she is remaining here to see this day, and says she won’t remain here any longer. Krutika is stunned as well and attempts to disclose to mum in regulation. Kareena embraces Satya. Satya figures what to tell to Krutika. Mahi checks Kareena out. Later Mahi and Satya make Kareena rest. They emerge from her room.

Satya’s telephone signals. He says this isn’t my telephone, and says there is a message. He says will I read? Mahi says no. Satya peruses the message from the manager asking Mum in regulation never to inquiry her, and he/she kept her to destroy Khurana family. All of a sudden video call comes. Satya picks the call and is going to see manager’s pic, however at that point network is proceeded to call is detached. Mum in regulation comes and insults Satya for taking her telephone. Kareena comes and asks her not to chide her saint.

King of Heart Friday 25th March 2022 On Zee World: Mum in regulation put-downs Kareena and Satya, and goes. Kareena says I am terrified of her and can’t rest in my room. Mahi takes her in their room. Satya remembers to uncover Mum in regulation in his style. Later Mahi comes to room and sees Kareena dozing embracing Satya and kissing blemishes on all fours. She awakens Satya and shows the lipstick marks. Satya asks what is this? Mahi says it is alright, she is doing infantile demonstrations being frightened. Satya says this isn’t adolescent demonstrations. He calls the analyst and requests that he track down the confirmations.

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Later Satya, Mahi, Krutika and others are seeing Khurana family pics. He gets enthusiastic seeing Sid and Roshni’s pic. Mitul says seems like God quit making jodis like Sid and Roshni, with the exception of one Jodi Satya and Mahi. Satya kisses Mahi on her brow. Raj checks Sid and Roshni’s pic out. Satya guarantees Raj not to stress and says I will end up being your voice and body parts. Raj checks him out.

King of Heart Friday 25th March 2022 On Zee World: Satya says you will look great once clean cut, and kisses on his hand. He says this is my family, Satya’s family… I won’t allow this family to break. I need to learn about the individual on whose signs, Dadu mummy is moving. He consumes something outside the house. Mum in regulation asks what is he consuming? He says he is their grounds-keeper and consuming something to free of mosquitoes. Mum in regulation requests that he quit consuming it. Satya comes to the room when she goes out and actually looks at her telephone. He then, at that point, calls somebody and gets some information about a number. Mum in regulation sees him stowing away and gets suspicious.

Mum in regulation requests that Satya and Mahi wear garments brought by her for Lohri. She remembers to do a major dramatization to redirect their consideration.


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