King of Heart On Zee World Tuesday 29th March 2022

King of Heart On Zee World Monday 28th March 2022
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King of Heart On Zee World Tuesday 29th March 2022: The Episode begins with Kareena staring at the TV and getting blissful seeing the wedding card of her with Nishant. She gets blissful and remembers to go to the first floor and see him. Satya and Mahi are moving on the tune Karam Khudaya in the party. Mum in regulation looks on.

Shabnam comes and asks Satya, where is her Nishant. She gets crazy and acts distraught. Everybody is stunned. Satya says Nishant hasn’t arrived. Kareena blacks out. The specialist takes a look at Kareena and requests that they make the setup of a marriage. He says might be she can get her memory back and tells her that they can’t move her to the mental emergency clinic as she wants everyday reassurance now.

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Krutika lets them know that they can’t play with Kareena’s feelings and who will wed her deceptively. Satya says Doctor is instructed and we will do this demonstration. Mum in regulation incites Satya and inquires as to whether he will become a phony husband to be. Satya says no difference either way. This was only a demonstration. Mum in regulation thinks he is moronic and blameless, is caught in my net. Kareena is blissful and tells Mahi that Nishant has returned. Mahi says OK. Krutika says I am terrified. Mum in regulation says you are making your sauna prepared for marriage, the show would be fascinating to watch. She says let’s stand by and watch.

Mahi is disturbed and miserable. Satya requests that she trust him and their seven promises of marriage. Kareena dressed as a lady sitting on the mandap. Pandit is presenting the mantras. Kareena is cheerful. Satya accompanies sehra all over and trusts Kareena becomes typical once more.

Pandit requests that Satya hold Kareena’s hand. They begin taking pheras. Satya stops while taking pheras. Does Kareena inquire as to for what reason did you stop? He leaves and holds Mahi’s hand. He says enough of this show, I don’t adore you, however your companion. I will wed her as it were. Kareena says you can’t do this. Satya says I don’t adore you, yet cherishes your companion. Does Kareena say you are lying?

King of Heart On Zee World Tuesday 29th March 2022: The specialist gives her an infusion. She pulls Satya’s sehra and sees his face before blacking out. Satya requests that the Doctor do it straightaway. The specialist says let’s check whether she got better at this point. They sit tight for her to acquire cognizance. She acquires awareness and says don’t have the foggiest idea how could I swoon. She says sorry to Satya and alludes to him as Nishant. She says I am fine now and embraces him. Everybody is stunned. She says we will eat before our wedding night. Everybody is stunned. Mum in regulation signs Doctor. The specialist requests that Kareena take a rest. Mitul takes her inside.

Satya asks Doctor what’s going on? Specialist says Kareena thought you as her significant other at this point. Satya asks what babble? He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you educate us regarding this gamble. The specialist requests that he quiet down and requests that he proceed with the demonstration else she could have a mental meltdown. Satya says I can’t do this demonstration. I’m a hitched man. Mahi requests that Satya help Kareena and tells them that her mum had many blessings on our loved ones.

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Kareena feels cerebral pain. Mahi offers to knead her head. Kareena pushes her. Satya holds Mahi and asks what you are doing? Does Kareena inquire as to why he is so worried about the worker? Satya says she isn’t a worker and is going to tell about Mahi. Mum in regulation comes and asks what is your new show. Kareena requests that she make tea for her. Satya comes to Mahu and draws nearer. Mahi says we need to make Kareena fine in some way. Mum in regulation brings tea for Kareena.

King of Heart On Zee World Tuesday 29th March 2022: Kareena tosses it. Mum in regulation asks what you have done? Kareena says she isn’t in temperament to drink tea, and just said that way. She opens her pantry and takes a wine bottle. Mum in regulation shuts the entryway and says assuming anybody sees this. Kareena says no one will see, this house is mine likewise, and requests that she drink wine too. Mum in regulation says your request is my order… .and calls her BOSS. She grins.

Kareena requests that Mum in regulation proceed to rest and says she will have suhaag raat with her significant other. Mahi is stunned to see Kareena moving coercively with Satya on the melody Jeele. She tosses water on him and they get soaked in water while moving. Satya attempts to disregard her. Mahi is stunned.


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