King Of Heart On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022

King of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 On Zee world
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King of Heart On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Kareena telling Mum in regulation that their arrangement is a triumph now and no one will be aware of their arrangement. She requests that she drink some wine. Mum in regulation says thank you chief. Kareena says they have left my mum Shabnam when they came to realize that she was not Roshni’s sister. She decides to demolish Khuranas and separate Mahi and Satya. She says she will show Satya’s worth to him and make him poor. She says she will presently have suhaagraat with Satya.

Mum in regulation asks truly? Shabnam says no. Mahi lets Satya know that if Kareena sees them together, she will respond and it will be terrible for her wellbeing. Satya says we need to discover another way… I am doing this on your demand. Mahi requests that he leave outrage and cheer up. Later he hears the sound and goes to the porch. He sees an extraordinary setup with an embellished bed.

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Kareena embraces him from behind. Satya says he wants to go to the washroom. Kareena says she won’t release him a long way from her sight. Satya says you are unwell and says he will bring her medication. Kareena says when you are with me, I needn’t bother with any medication, you are my medication. Satya demands and goes.

Kareena eyes him. He attempts to open the porch entryway and thinks that it is locked. Mahi hears the sound and goes to the patio. Mum in regulation locks the patio entryway and thinks now she perceives how Satya emerges from that point, figures Boss will play a great game with him. Mahi goes towards the porch. Kareena holds Satya and moves on to the tune Yeh Raat Rukjaaye… … ..Mum in regulation remembers to see the demonstration and hops inside the patio through the window.

King Of Heart On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022 : Kareena hits the dance floor with Satya on the tune Aaja Zara Naseeb see… … .She tosses water on them with a line and makes them wet. Mahi likewise comes inside through a window and remembers to stop Kareena. Mum in regulation remembers to record the demonstration, to coerce Kareena later on.

Mahi sees her taking a video and asks why she has arrived. Mum in regulation says I remembered to get some air here. Mahi thinks might be she has caught Satya here. Mum in regulation comes up with rationalization and requests that Mahi see what Satya is doing? Kareena blacks out. Satya lets Mahi know that until they will do this show. He sees Mum in regulation and inquires as to whether she needs to see porno, and says he will send a DVD to her room. She says she came to see Kareena. She sees her oblivious. Mahi expresses gratitude toward Satya for not succumbing to Kareena and asks how he made her oblivious. Satya tells that he had added tablets to her Champagne. A FB is shown. Mahi kisses Satya energetically. Satya is happy and cheerful. They advance another show.

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Mum in regulation tosses water all over and makes her cognizant. Kareena asks what babble? Mum in regulation tells her the beginning and end. Kareena is irate. Satya is romancing Mahi in the kitchen. Mahi requests that he go else Kareena will see them. He says I will tell you something in your ears.

Kareena comes and drives Satya away. She tosses lamp fuel oil on Mahi and afterward on herself, lets Satya know that he is keener on workers than her, and says we both will bite the dust today. She lights the matchstick. Everybody is stunned. Satya grabs the match sticks and discards them. Does he ask what you are doing? Kareena says I can’t see my better half with the other lady. Satya is stunned. Mahi looks on stunned as well.

King Of Heart On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022 : Mahi cries. Mum in regulation tells that fire should be lit. Kareena asks Satya for what valid reason he is constraining her to make such a stride and inquires as to for what reason did he include himself with a worker. She attempts to draw nearer to him. Satya requests that she stop her garbage. Kareena sees Mahi coming and lets Satya know that she has a place with him and kisses all the rage persuasively. Mahi is stunned and broken.

Mum in regulation lets Mahi know that she will demonstrate that a man is a man generally, and will double-cross lady. Mahi says she accepts her conviction. Mum in regulation difficulties Mahi.


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