King of Heart Saturday 12th March 2022 On Zee World

King of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 On Zee world
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King of Heart Saturday 12th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Satya seeing Dhruv with Sunaina. He asks him who is she? Sunaina receives a message and lets Satya know that she is Dhruv’s PCP and came to treat him. Dhruv says she is his physiotherapist. Payal tells that they are getting late. Sunaina sits in vehicle. Satya requests that she come clean and gets some information about the message. Sunaina tells that she received message from her patient. Mahi asks Satya for what valid reason he is doing this and gets some information about Kajal and Gangu Tai.

She gets Kajal’s call and requests that they come. Mahi says we are coming. Mitul asks Kajal, what she will eat? Payal compromises Dhruv quietly not to do any misstep. A fb is shown, Payal sends message to Sunaina undermining her not to let anything to Satya know if she needs her mum’s life. Sunaina gets stunned understanding it and deceives Satya. Payal gets her mum hijacked. Fb closes. Payal lets Dhruv know that she holds such individuals under her feet like bugs.

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King of Heart Saturday 12th March 2022 On Zee World: While everybody is having frozen yogurt. Mitul makes frozen yogurt falls on Mahi inadvertently. Mahi goes to wash her dress. Dhruv comes and holds her hand. Mahi is stunned to see him and asks you? Dhruv asks her not to stress and says I will clean. He says I did temporary job in cleanser manufacturing plant and knows how to clear the stain. Satya comes there and inquires as to whether all is well. Mahi tells that frozen yogurt fell on her dress. Dhruv says your stain is no more.

Satya and Mahi are returning back home. Mahi ponders Dhruv’s conduct and figures she can’t tell this to Satya. Everyons is occupied in the courses of action. Dhruv gazes Mahi once more. Kajal asks Dhruv which dress to wear. Dhruv envisions Mahi wearing pink dress and requests that Kajal wear it. Kajal gets blissful and goes. Satya falls and Mahi holds him. Satya says I succumbed to great.

Dhruv gets envious and breaks the glass in his grasp. He gets a call and goes to go to it. Satya and Mahi looks on. Satya educates Mahi that they need to find concerning Sunaina. Kajal comes and inquires as to whether he can’t see her bliss. She says I upheld you when you wedded Mahi, why can’t you. Satta asks her not to say such words which she can’t take it back. Kajal says I won’t excuse you assuming that you breaks my marriage and goes. Mahi has a go at conversing with her. Mahi lets Satya know that they will follow him. She lets Gangu Tai know that she has some work and going with Satya to Market. Payal thinks where they are going?

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Satya and Mahi follow Dhruv. They get inside the house breaking the entryway. Satya asks Dhruv with whom he was conversing with. Dhruv comes up with a rationalization. Somebody comes and gives ring to Dhruv. Payal, Gangu Tai and others come there. Dhruv inquires as to why Satya is questioning on him and says he came to purchase ring for Kajal, and inquires as to whether he needs to beat him, then, at that point, just beat him, yet don’t question day by day.

Gangu Tai asks Satya for what good reason he is questioning on her genuine Satya, her child and says you are harming me questioning on him. She asks Satya not to uncertainty him. Kajal lets Satya know that she won’t pardon him and says he called us here to give shock and give this ring. She tosses ring on Satya.

King of Heart Saturday 12th March 2022 On Zee World: Satya feels awful as no one is confiding in him. Mahi comes and requests that he wear researches and tells that Gangu Tai and Kajal are dazed by Dhruv and couldn’t see his reality, they have not a great explanation to uncertainty him. Satya says from where to get evidence against him. Mahi says all will be great and requests that he search his genuine family and redirect his consideration. Satya says since father passed on, there is no location of Dada ji Raj Khurana and somebody is dealing with my business. .

Dhruv gazes Mahi with desire while she is dozing on bed with Satya. Mahi thinks Satya is moving his hand on her hairs and requests that he rest. She wakes up and is stunned to see Dhruv there.


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