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King of Heart Saturday 19th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Payal conversing with somebody and says my girl and child in regulation needs to meet you moreover. She thinks once I make them eye to eye, and will see the large impact. She takes a gander at Mahi and Satya’s pic and says Karanveer, prepare to meet your past. Mahi comes there and says Satya is coming. Mrs. Khanna comes. Payal invites her with an embrace and requests that she sit. She requests that Mahi show tests to Mrs. Khanna. Mrs. Khanna sees the example. Mahi calls Satya and requests that he come.

Payal figures I won’t allow Satya to meet his bua today. Mahi says she will arrange espresso and is going to go, yet makes Mrs. Khanna handbag falls and her resources emerging from it. Mahi plunks down and picks the things. She was unable to see Sid and Mrs. Khanna’s pic. Mrs. Khanna requests that she call her Krutika. Payal says I figure Satya can’t come today and says gives up. She requests that Mahi stay there. Krutika/Sid’s sister gets pitiful as she was unable to meet Karanveer. Payal and Krutika leaves from that point, Satya comes then, at that point, and lets Mahi know that he tumbled down as a result of the vehicle. Mahi says you are looking fine

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Satya requests that she come. Payal and Krutika are situated in the vehicle. Krutika requests that she make her meet Karanveer. Payal says I will make you meet and figures I could not have possibly stowed away GanguTai’s drugs assuming I needed him to meet you. She says I will make you meet him once you signs the arrangement. Krutika requests that she show Karanveer’s pic. Payal shows Satya’s pic. Krutika says he is same like my sibling. Payal says I will make you meet him solely after I get everything. She asks her not to meet Karanveer straightforwardly, else she knows what she can do.

King of Heart Saturday 19th March 2022 On Zee World: Mahi and Satya are in the room. Mahi shows the location Cuffe Parade, Galaxy Apartments and says this address is of your genuine family… The Khuranas. Satya is astounded and enthusiastic. Satya says where did you get it and gets blissful. He says I need to proceed to meet them. He asks what I will wear and checks in his closet. Mahi requests that he wear something formal. Satya figures Khuranas will be glad to meet him and will embrace him.

He says yet in the event that this doesn’t occur then, at that point… .as such a lot of time had elapsed. To acknowledge me… .then, at that point? Mahi says all will be great and says we will constantly accompany you. Satya grins as she invigorates him. Mahi requests that he prepare toward the beginning of the day and afterward they will go to office and afterward his genuine family. They embrace one another.

Following day, Mahi and Satya are occupied in the workplace. Khan and his better half Romana gets inside the workplace, yet alert rings at security point. Safety officer stops him and says they need to check. Mahi says this is family. Payal says OK… Red light signals once more. Safety officer stops Romana. Mahi says she is family as well.

Satya asks Payal, how is he looking? Payal says he is looking changed. Mahi says today is important day for Satya. He will meet the Khuranas, his genuine family. Payal is stunned and says it is great. Mahi says gives up. Satya says my aayi says that we ought to get seniors’ endowments for important day. He contacts her feet. Payal says the very best and looks indignantly. Satya and Mahi go.

Mahi and Satya arrive at the Galaxy Apartments. Satya says he is energized. Somebody opens the entryway. Satya says he needs to meet Khurana family. Mahi says Khurana family. Worker asks you needs to meet whom? Satya says everybody and requests that he let everybody know that Karanveer came, Siddharth Khurana’s child. Worker requests that they stand by and says he will call Madam. He shuts the entryway. Krutika is seeing Sid, Roshni and Khurana family’s pic. She grins seeing Sid’s pic.

Worker comes and says Siddharth Khurana’s child have come, Karanveer. Krutika gets cheerful hearing Karanveer’s name and requests that runs meet him. She comes towards the entryway, yet Payal stops her and makes her smell chloroform. Krutika is stunned. Worker comes there.

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Payal requests that he let Karanveer that no one is at home know if he needs cash, else become worker forever. Worker opens the entryway and lets Satya know that no one is at home. He shuts the entryway. Satya and Mahi gets pitiful. Satya tells Mahi that Servant went to illuminate the family, however at that point came and requested that we go saying no one is inside. He says this happens when your family would rather not see your face.

There isn’t right with fate. Mahi cries and says you failed to remember us in one go, in the event that we are not in your fate. Satya grins and embraces her, saying you and Aayi are not in my predetermination, but rather my daily routine and I can’t experience without you both. Mahi embraces him. Satya embraces her back.

King of Heart Saturday 19th March 2022 On Zee World: Krutika acquires cognizance and sees Payal remaining there. She asks what is it that you need, why you are not allowing me to meet my nephew. Payal requests that she do as she says, else you know what I can do. She asks her not to pick up the pace, else she can lose her nephew. She says I won’t take even 2 mins to impact him. Krutika is stunned.

Khan keeps bomb in his room. Mahi sees him with bomb and runs out of space to alarm Satya, however Khan holds her by her hairs and grab her.


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