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King of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Gangu Tai thumping on the entryway and tears open the entryway. She comes inside and takes the weapon in her grasp. She says I am embarrassed that you are my child, you ought to have passed on then, at that point. Satya says I am genuine Satya, your own blood and you can’t shoot me. I will attack your bahu right infront of your eyes and you can do nothing. Gangu Tai shoots seeing him chuckles.

Dhruv holds his chest. Gangu Tai is stunned… .Kajal gets stunned and stresses for Dhruv hearing firearm sound. Satya hears the shot sound and comes there. He sees Dhruv imploding on floor and takes firearm from Gangu Tai’s hand. He goes about as though he has shot him. Mahi acquires awareness and sees weapon in Satya’s grasp. Kajal, Payal and others likewise come there and see Dhruv harmed and oblivious. Kajal requests that he awaken and turns him. Everybody is stunned him dead.

Gangu Tai plunks down incredibly. Payal says Oh my God… what you have done Satya… He is dead. Kajal asks Satya, why he killed Dhruv on their marriage day and cries. Overseer comes. Constables takes Dhruv’s body. Overseer takes weapon from Satya’s hand and says it is straightforward situation.

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King of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 On Zee World: Payal grins and lets him know that Satya isn’t a killer. Overseer says court will choose, and captures him. Mahi lets Inspector know that her better half saved her from getting attacked, assault by that filthy man. Satya asks her not to tell this large number of things and requests that she deal with his Aayi. Kajal becomes furious and tosses her bangles on Satya, saying he made her widow. She reviles Satya.

At the police headquarters, Satya sees somebody in the lock up, yet couldn’t see his face. Mahi comes there and asks Satya, for what reason did he shot Dhruv and more likely than not controlled his annoyance. Satya says I let you know that I have done my thought process is correct. Mahi says I will get best attorney for yourself and will get you out from here. Satya says I couldn’t care less about myself and gets some information about Kajal and Aayi. Mahi says they are in shock and says she will deal with them.

Satya requests that she guarantee and requests that she get his Aayi far from Police station and legal dispute. Mahi looks on. Constable requests that she go. Satya leaves her hand. Mahi leaves. While Mahi is leaving, a visually impaired lady crashes into her. Mahi says I am grieved. The man sitting in dim inquires as to whether she is fine. She says she accompanied a lot of trouble. Man says this is our life now. Lady leaves. Satya hears them.

Kajal requests that Gangu Tai say something and cries. She requests that she pay attention to her and cries laying on her lap. Mahi comes there and cries. Payal comes.

Mahi says I can’t see this, I need to rescue Satya, kindly follow through with something. She gets out anything Satya have done was to save me, Dhruv was attempting to get into mischief with me, and don’t have any idea what might have occurred on the off chance that he had not come. Payal says I know Satya’s heart is cleaned and that is the reason I have lit this light. Mahi goes. Payal blows the flame and figures Satya will be done.

Man lets Satya know that he used to work in weapon processing plant and saw proprietors fouling up use, and remembered to illuminate Police, then, at that point, they hijacked his girl and assaulted her, he cries…

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..Satya requests that he have tolerance and says I am with you… God have given you torment and will take care of your concerns moreover. Man says proprietors sent him here, and compromising his significant other, he was unable to track down his girl yet. They see Inspector placing 2 lawbreakers in a similar lock up. They say we are approached to beat this debilitated man. Satya gets up hearing that and beats the lawbreakers. Man yells for help. Examiner takes the hoodlums to other lock up. Satya inquires as to whether he is fine. He gestures.

Mahi converses with Lawyer and requests that he take Satya out at any rate. Legal counselor says he is attempting his level best, however arraignment have employed city best indictment legal advisor. He says he will argue to decide in shut chamber. Mahi thinks Dhruv isn’t having any overall then who employed the city’s best legal advisor.

Payal calls Lawyer Zaveri and asks him not to allow Satya to get bailed. Zaveri concurs and says he never lost any case.

A burqa clad lady (Payal) comes to court and sits in the court. Judge requests that Zaveri start the case. Zaveri says it is a virus murder case, and blamed name is Satya. Gangu Tai emerges from shock and requests that Mahi take her to her child Satya without asking anything.

King of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 On Zee World: Mahi says he asked me not to take you there. Gangu Tai overlap her hand requesting that she take her there. Mahi cries. Legal advisor Zaveri tells that Satya killed the casualty Dhruv in full cognizance. Guard legal counselor says this is clearly false. Judge asks Satya, to tell something. Satya says no. Judge says it is demonstrated that Satya is a killer. Payal uncovers her face and wear cover once more. Gangu Tai comes there and says I am the killer. Satya and others are stunned.


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