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King of Heart Tuesday 22nd March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Satya let everybody know that this is the bomb, however won’t detonate. Payal is strained. Satya says a modest group uses such things to hurt others, to conceal their shortcoming. He says one such individual is Payal Sen Gupta. He expresses out loud whatever do you believe that I will kill my Bua, and says I am not powerless like you. Payal says this is a babble? Krutika is stunned. Satya says I have a proof and tells that her disabled pony Khan is in his imprisonment now. Khan is brought by Satya’s man.

Khan says I am guiltless and requests that he leave him. Satya requests that his man go behind two stages. He hits on his head. Khan acknowledges that Payal wanted to kill Krutika through him and furthermore extorted him. Satya says I made impaired individual okay in one go. Payal acknowledges that it was her arrangement and you can’t actually hurt me, as your better half is in my bondage. She says your better half will be killed at my one sign. Satya grins. Payal and others see Mahi coming there wearing bomb coat.

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A fb is shown, Satya sees Mahi in the vehicle, and liberates her from Romana and the hooligan grips. He requests that Romana stop the clock and free Mahi’s hands. Mahi takes off the coat. Satya requests that Romana tell who is behind the scheme. Romana is stunned and takes Payal’s name. Mahi and Satya are stunned. Mahi says I caught wind of Dog’s tail and today I have seen it. She says you disdain me to such an extent. You needed to kill me with this bomb, so we will kick the bucket together. She embraces her.

Payal requests that she leave her. Mahi says on the off chance that mum is this way, I will pass on. She says not a single one of us will be alive, we will kick the bucket together. Payal pushes her and acknowledges to her wrongdoing. She says I disdain you… what is this… I am not your maa and you are not my girl, I simply need property.

King of Heart Tuesday 22nd March 2022 On Zee World: Mahi slaps her hard. She says a mum generally showed disdain for me, and today I slapped you to show my scorn for you. She expresses out loud whatever did you ask from you, just love… yet you were unable to turn out to be great and is a dark spot on parenthood. You will be rebuffed today and requests that Inspector capture Payal on charges of endeavor to kill. She asks her never to come infront of her.

Satya sees Mahi miserable and inquires as to whether you are fine. Mahi embraces him. Satya cries and says nothing remains now. You got your family, your blood, your bua ji. Krutika gets passionate. Satya goes to her and embraces her. Gangu Tai, Mitul and Kajal come there. Krutika sees Gangu Tai and distinguishes her. Gangu Tai tells that she was with Sid and Roshni when mishap occurred, and thought she lost her child Satya and brought Karanveer as her child Satya. She says I can’t remain without him. Satya asks her not to cry as he can’t see tears in her eyes.

Gangu Tai advises him to proceed to remain with Khuranas now. She says I will go to town with Kajal and Sunil now. Satya says OK, yet come soon. Mitul expresses out loud whatever I will do alone, as Naina is going to US. Satya requests that Mitul accompany them. Satya takes Gangu Tai’s endowments and goes with Krutika.

In the vehicle, Satya explains to them that he don’t have the foggiest idea why his Aayi left him and went to town. Krutika requests that he have desserts and feel light. Mahi says even Satya says something similar. A lady is seen running on street while hooligans is following her. She comes infront of Satya’s vehicle. Satya stops the vehicle at ideal opportunity. They see hooligans following the lady. Satya leaves vehicle to help the lady.

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The lady keep on running. The hooligans get her and attempt to get out of hand with her. Lady requests that they let her go. Satya saves her from hooligans and beats them. He then, at that point, eliminates his suit and beats the hooligans. He lets the hooligans know that young ladies are not their property and cautions them not to get rowdy with any lady else he won’t extra them.

King of Heart Tuesday 22nd March 2022 On Zee World: Satya comes to the lady. Police comes there. Monitor requests that Constables get the thugs. Satya attempts to converse with lady and holds her hand. She turns and attempts to free her hand. Krutika sees Shabnam and says Shabnam…

Krutika brings Satya and Mahi home and make them meet Raj. A lady tosses aarti and asks Krutika, how challenge she to bring them here without her consent.


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